Word Cloud for "The Perfect Wagnerite, Commentary on the Ring" by Bernard Shaw.

Word Cloud for "The Perfect Wagnerite, Commentary on the Ring"

This book was authored by Bernard Shaw. (1856 - 1950)

Area, genre or subject: Opera.

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The Bag of Words In "The Perfect Wagnerite, Commentary on the Ring" (Main Words):

preface edition friend suggest five became paris beginning going readers author artist european excellent average convinced admit occasions head king respectable germans abandons pious carrying academic socialist hundred lands path care look looks myself knew year consider listen poetry founded support throws promptly youth created summit understood easy christian literary process facts vision condition classes connected appeal fashion rising judgment below shakespeare equally measure operas composed completed thirty spirit twenty chief offer dilemma frankly understanding earlier pure conventional wild changed theatre desire witnessing enchanted spectator appear monstrous conversation orchestral enjoy anvil sensuous four inner write wish introduced terms technical note driving dare purpose familiar school everything prologue wise driven trouble empire curse continually spirits subject waiting tone strange water entirely bodily beauty striking devil brute search representing possibly incapable offers physical break worship yield beautiful thousands vainly wealth horrible frightfully think breed service organization ones ends resort breaking destroy authority rule gain artificial establish difficulty dominion splendor majesty turned honest paid newly reality majestic eyes glorious forgotten dreams dwell arrived happens moments warns false curious riches mastery tale clever begin prevent daily tries shape helmet changes knowing greed loftiest foot fourth giant feels discovery among religion bent presence cause ready utterly money delight reached voice seed habit turns dead blood brings brief hidden rainbow cast glory greatest control divine ideals follows reply consciousness tragedy horror questions position professional appeals working took leading afterwards intense churches forth safely interesting allegorical orders supernatural conceived greater conclusion main generation julius institutions happen hitherto happened eternal went amusing piece leads otherwise broke children mortal appearance conceive heroism longing valkyrie spring sieglinda explains weapons luck returning slaying slain perish name bride inspiration accept siegmund held fragments terror confusion obvious expressed telling nowadays governing private pieces during craft extreme replies wants asks mend leaves distinguished feel describing sets success hour shot according final merry learns englishman interest somebody concerted giovanni chorus different heroine effective raised consequence progress hear action protestantism anarchism eighteenth achieved majority requisite regards reaction liberty followed minor weird prometheus sexual creative passion certainly figure passed writes forms anarchy remember fine gutrune evening public opened line hunting memory express attached intention actual amateurs pyat difference commercial poet enthusiasm formed letter mood audience band sufficient dramatist repetition partly patterns literature compelled tradition numbers playhouse england

merely general philosophic produced europe passing present business complete bound germany hold each possible altogether right thoroughly puts above pretend struggle actually freedom worse carried beyond suppose party told fellow practical rather spite either sort word began stands established born simply bach learnt masters beethoven tunes alone hope bear wrote industrial middle large satisfaction grand serious seem poem philosophy unable often master experience almost attempts likely musicians future unless needs country passages tune dragon extent ground throughout presently generally superior persons giving mozart entitled invisible something escape short keep sacrifice impulses inevitable light depths singing creature energy strong fierce stupid anyone fall forget forces create heap dwarfs highly allow evil cunning personal faith rise mechanical destruction however weapon respect hall sake round able shows church price return brought state castle design wholly promised finds points freia doubt finished rises declares earth carry answer others sing brother view form producing afraid claims breaks intellectual bids towards cost heart stroke forced side lies strength heroes wife home behind purely acts trade especially roeckel idea completely influence elaborate score heard allegory case fashioned government soul explain heroic gets easily further hunding deep sister nothung child following conflict broken best absolute fires trying bird entire cave wanderer question fresh deal send norns explanations wagnerian composer although niblung characters humanity association individual produce class panacea significance extraordinary shelley impossible together representative composition festival several thiers said performances orchestra metric thematic symmetrical talent singers

perfect ring first german through this book siegfried explanation given night falls gods that seems operatic character result years between work clear other wagner have never therefore which show revolutionary history from attempt away order much more than appears will perhaps some original english read again time shall most making living instead great point political with very makes nature like nobody even then popular himself exceptional common cannot love modern least understand good being things enough they when taken them part find three every their life only could knows what call higher know well human whereas without social says must against rest hero should done nothing last except whether because believe marx less still nineteenth century power those used people were real would itself these none themselves found moment thus free gives reason world known works universal until after just bring whole under fear your here second quite ever been exactly person become save there famous alberic made musician dresden such many matter fact opera drama ordinary true dramas always take later before romantic music though better ideas neither hardly into came having about anything else already written rhine gold valkyries mind bayreuth giants maidens magic half full both river fire young simple play built whom sound single musical expression tell natural once does turn dramatic upon perfectly looking leave whilst golden comes sense might within long hand plutonic whose left make lost back treasure mere course scene curtain mighty becomes goes down poor dwarf force conception live begins since come give society leaving soon hands where sometimes story longer race moral called thing powers same capable godhead means face laws highest thought high terrible finally fricka learn wotan seen over also another help loki death third place need little mimmy takes really doing pretty taking mother fafnir calls truth stage next father theatrical system valhalla necessary brynhild woman forest sword tells certain spear indeed mountain effect manner change gunther hagen themes theme decorative

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