Word Cloud for "Mrs. Warren's Profession" by Bernard Shaw.

Word Cloud for "Mrs. Warren's Profession"

This book was authored by Bernard Shaw. (1856 - 1950)

Area, genre or subject: Fiction.

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The Bag of Words In "Mrs. Warren's Profession" (Main Words):

performed ibsen press conscience successful declare thus condition simple sense morality days knew general romantic members poverty rich vice lead factory longer working laugh defence excellent official view prepared accept reason national seem subject deny treated produces personal influence england number persons dealt consider reader also step turned spite carried remain path true ignorant says lies standing bound person acting determination slightest attempt merely admit else followed children exhibition each particular characters redford introduce part force managers love question chance therefore best group order nonsense class represented certainly escape raising story immoral whose relations placed family popular playwright consequently shake pieces worse royal artist college meant painful impression conducted wrong letters case simply improvement theatres thinking harm expected laughing protest four built intellectual feeling conflict bear become iron overwhelming modern clever becomes resistance fall distinguished difference straight indifference wegg something felt possibly devoted saved break papers saying black remember silly getting managing sister offered according large probably gardner attack extremely comfortable tired hours afternoon artistic gave trouble suddenly used advice courage romance forget rises advantage shuts beyond kitchen walking past sees throws throwing friends disposed glad authority charming imagine fifty pounds surely object honoria town change telling near dressed around greatly calling shakes voice fellow jolly seeing excuse shaking farther rifle beside stands note settle along begins wait checks vivvums cutting inner anxious heard whatever today speak week waterloo sent rectory easy taught

known power critic ought still years cannot touch audience present whom writing censorship doubt lord above sentimental gentlemen whilst notion leave brother perhaps knows performance exactly common dramatic home effect perfectly tears next room mere save english honest within worst certain speaking truth fact expect impossible kept towards plenty everybody either complete hardly understand none refuse doing support close gone respect sensible mention second marry finds upon help rest nobody point problem high asked words given neither ordinary thinks deal produce nature treat church character strong whether gentleman anyone produced natural respectable having assure often throw trying logic sitting spirit almost completely fool hard drop came need please choose done circumstances reverend samuel brought paper shillings word rising three beauty everything took paid gate porch books middle afraid gets hope while bring across forward worth open round chancery living youd stick hear theres putting opens sorry twenty opposite wall table night puts pretty stay house

profession george with been after only have once more london theatre critics their ever into moral which between work stage real life will care every from give that play crofts what believe than such society even just those first plays himself because without must thought little among turn social women well woman know long makes money hand against there time when they were able though where place girls would them herself thing most this could like much less people make take should quite some nothing stand many fashionable same made means again great find shall last goes instead does world whole least these enough since tell lady things told about making side here myself poor better other warren girl come mean mind think human drama rather being taken away public very really always under course both daughter another door father feel young until then anything matter face left except through seen said takes sort over sure moment suppose went talk want hands half good never mother vivie might comes right back miss dear live taking call down business clergyman behind looking looks before cottage garden head your turns look praed chair sits going thats keep coming youll yourself turning frank youre

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