Word Cloud for "Martin Chuzzlewit" by Charles Dickens.

Word Cloud for "Martin Chuzzlewit"

This book was authored by Charles Dickens. (1812 - 1870)

Area, genre or subject: Fiction.

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The Bag of Words In "Martin Chuzzlewit" (Main Words):

positive speculation precisely conceive sordid precept justified legitimate issue submit poetical exposition families ludicrous disposition soften eloquence bounds record newspaper hired instances hospital troubling suitable declare amazing around graces advancement landed vigour hinted copy earnestness claims adam earliest malicious promising pursuit periods chuzzlewits actively bloody recorded heel william illustrious employ inasmuch gratitude belongs pause congratulate enormous appears birth lines boastful unquestionably spanish probable tracing rational month adopted parliament composition wealthy grandmother contemplating apparent quoth ingenious labour dumb dining guest constraint originated male involved formally signed preserved comparatively attained extensive entrusted paying visits wearing patronage distinction included costly calls proofs heaped beaten final forms limbs veins invariably proceed increase implying race belong declining mist brightly kindling freshness brightened sullen winter spring buildings season harsh thither graceful fruits centre crunched sensitive longest term darker lustre dying hill piled labourer briskly darkening dealt glow curiously shoulders elbows hearth hoarse roar sparks dance gayly surly flew reared crazy happening fled frantic giddy crept wildly blew twinkling boisterous roaring unreasonable hole appropriate candles reducing novel warning incoherent joyful pick tending knees development injuries thereby inferred flowing reproachful contrast delightful fairy virtuous likened fence cravat serene holy brushed bolt tended science confined collection premium instruments mounted entreated complimented spacious cathedral erected churches patch casual reminds reposed blooming cheek silently attainment eligible advantages education using sentence enemies winning slapped embrace concurred offensive exchanged cracking knee kiss prudent tranquil slept spent injury scornful emphasis calf disappointed conveyance coloured thrusting wider meekly doorway thread forgiven reproach disgust lodging root dearest wrung grieved oblige uttering wiser clapped response mutton proportion disguise feared reasons talent instinctively dazzling traded assistant pretensions honesty game walls distrustful deserves wistfully desirous mail sprung ingenuous cruelly unjust swung storm shade courteous hospitable advance tame expects aloof discouraging pages retreat species horrible protesting administered refuse proposals preparation quitted threshold resident result messenger services spiritual endurance reaching secrecy roses ample blessings sunken exquisitely despite dived drowsy hopeless portraits wardrobe downcast intently unpretending anxiously instinctive perception senses tempered folks straggling earn drooping composure reflect posture furnish teach temptation destruction thanks solicitude impress sheer amazement straightway tearful decidedly contained agree gloves morality conscience warmed unconsciously betrayed volume hesitated impressive patting attitude distinct marvellous erect forehead emotion doubts exclaimed asserts compassionate imagine insinuate verbal shortest produce radiant nurse comic relates survey delicious entertaining gentleness butter theirs advise burden darkened test curse standard recognize wronged detect beauties stories ended momentary demonstration intending deliver trusting certainty repetition engendered peaceful oath sixpence compact expectation mourn premises dignity winking mood attributable concealed forgetful tiptoe darting strongest waved tool ashes miseries union bedside obstinacy summons haunted evinced melted fervour apply darted stooping inspection jealousy audible barrel cask stale tobacco grasp inconvenient leather conflict flying military determine originally shaggy meek fierce deserved crown distressing sleeve establish skirts smoothing thumb judged forefinger planting whoever obviously permit cloak faded whiskers prepossessing confoundedly devilish nudged stealthily dismissing ourselves intolerable roofs dogs essential rush prevented confidences designing yourselves moon earnestly consistent intercourse higher confirmed scenting errand accommodation invested resisted encountering branch noses despair recognition combined lamb earlier believing issuing overflowing bald application slim designs sharpened elder deceased bony mainly assembled agreeably interrupt assembly preposterous scoundrel violently recommend sisters politeness observations commenced figurative steam dispose altercation fist offering distracting forgiving withdrawn remind justifiable crossing compromise assertion devised sing outline propounded esteemed remove suggest stimulated pitch acting hovering flavour degraded amusement swept elevated clogged plot adding exclamations vain unlucky bidding complicated aggravation token affairs containing architects resemblance allowance corn fourteen disconcerted opportunities breasts grim frosty thence button pleasantly holiday flow crust speed frame languid bells rang oppressed lovely charm waits rushed tiny glimpse acquired awake streamed placid path sang bunch whimsical ragged singing accepted stepping edge chimney confirm ruin finds musing overwhelmed glances shirt humoured dissipated vague farmers worsted shaped greasy riding desiring market brute sale purchased exhausted unto issued wander stare silver watches complain smaller ranged tempting dainty portrait shell calmly tread chests enchanted ghost lamp medicine surveyed fashioned luck chanced dusty visions locking steak appreciation withdrawal accounts divested shawl bite uneasiness peculiarly complied cheering respective interposing principal topic sweetest curtains unlikely improbable mixed delivering syllable fullness capacious tying patted blush star fluttering plucked convey intellectual smilingly plants staggering expressly mentioning scale awaiting currant pupils stages acid mingling merriment surprising attacked discussing childish liveliness immensely patience fortunes accompanying regretted useful fancies exact extra consequences flutter sugar attentions agony desert dreamy sweetness choked kill substantial finishing tomb classical turnpike study magic refreshed load pack portmanteau consent mend fullest dashing condescension amused gratified lifted natured artificial bits steep moodily squeeze brow pledged lesson deuce thankful contract selfishness resolute precise girls perpetual guess notions intellect puzzled assumed separation adjoining dislike treatment tolerably plunging loves sacrificed trial fashion fork sofa cherished backs bestow snuff limb acknowledge predicted sworn essence envy cases distracted whistling sanctuary alarming gents helping agent checking esteem commended palm cautious slip quietly inexplicable solemnly detained assert principles lifting dismayed speedily charging beer stops possessing debt ashamed warmly coupled security preliminary release flourished yielding ushered rings forlorn choicest compound provision qualified abject swelled feebly lowest capacity build characters possess insult stomach declined unlimited ideas thoughtless push convenience seth stump latest entry transaction suited imparting lengthened bodily pink seizing letting creditable humming tune extending fortitude cherish neck effectually tendency delay pursuance seats goaded deceive appearances discuss learnt overcome wildness skipped puts hotel allowed busily bargain grace machinery exquisite horribly signs pavement despondent card boiled pending concentrated balls hugged decide apartment figures expense thousands trod anticipate pots emigrants clinging prove mouldering underneath rustic sickly throat upward downward vagabond stray uproar queer dimly decayed merits indifference rotten stunned revolving paramount tumult named matrimonial establishing denied gravy continually joint invite peeped disclosure abstraction impelled solely purport substance multitude signifying accept governess foregoing list larger compose balance merit apprised vowed producing simply addition admirable desirable protection vision curtsey architecture feigning hastened message task retire attack linen midnight remote sleeves soup vanished partake exclusive brightening blade dodging vicious faculties brushing bestowing including commanding lurking gander rear theatrical debating literary vocal cake shaving soap arising facetious imitation roast diverted hungry stirred planted plates washed tide bears toast leagues elbow vacant adjusting sees flashing shedding imperfect mildly glazed sphere tearing draught woke slumber symptoms modestly chiefly slid filial breathless impart superscription stout hesitation gleam churchyard paced refreshment endeavoured conceal remarking attach outstretched mute pierced describe diffused poetry prize humours zealous occasional console trading punishment assist urge approval stores profoundly shaken vile snapped refer drying submitted crossed offended solitude admitting daylight pistols pretending contain considerations support pays sake handkerchiefs conviction affecting finer occurrences discharge prepare disagreeable gallantry saluted intimated missed somewhere fantastic boxes preceded muttering headed garnished stockings immovable louder brains coolly lighting attempts exultation stealthy tickled poison schemes excessively efforts whispers accidental reality charmed unutterable sorrowful swelling adapted strain admire packing stung wotever seriously gaining conversed division discomfited punctual distress glimpses whereas compassion clever opposition confound fiddle unworthy denying pretend scenes brave mile mode genial fought fiercely cheeks whip marble begins blot flushed pushed easiest finest waiter respectful port festival residence willing attentive imposed happens shrugging destined altogether discussion endure ungenerous completely harmony contemplated suspicious dreams cart shivering indispensable passenger nails accident deceit purity serpent model deprive pressing confessed desolate animated cursed complaint bind feather strengthened viands likeness imagination stamping burly whistled finish encouraging bugle blowing ascertained obstinate regions shutters absolute entering ghastly series patriotic biting patriarchal abandon requesting measures inquiries enable answers counterfeited scores harp begging plant proposal steerage provisions brain failed bank satisfy purchase meat document arranging impertinent beef recommended prompted sundry danced doubted evidence functions duly lovers weeping trials price cheerfully stumbled embarrassment faithfully crisis apology monotonous discordant flung peril resolve wishing coin absorbing rustling sounding boiling constancy eternal curling striving boldness forcing dawn deadly peering unaccustomed insensible awoke blanket shows sailing indebted sickness liveliest cabin irish rocking faculty dressing wash boards voyage accounting resume commonest salt shower beggarly arrive pondered ours excellence eloquent rights steamboat prevailed twelfth washington enlightened region struggled allude oppression ignorance located serving acknowledged realise conciliate ornamented whereon newspapers intense lank aristocratic signal cook labours prevailing blinds oblong hall lounged negro knives approach shine exhibition congenial ringing horror depicted teeth pleasantest disappeared voted dollars worthless stuff perusal weekly laws require breathe ventured appealed eyeing comparison project significant represented sell speaks manners settling attired reduce introducing stillness spheres guardian ignorant attending philosophy rash boarders cross phrase lapsed employer swiftly bother impatience hints complained allowing frightful fetched eagerly sheds hackney stretch boldly attendance pronounced representing innocence borrowing mourning defied laboured fainted sich sober narrative reconcile buried reflections avoided directions supper requiring mournful feathers spend performed invest tailed relating winding sinking stately nosed royal finally attachment invisible glorious argument jocose fragrant threatening treasure dialogue papers struggle entreaty slap sagacity staggered sympathisers sold engine senseless walley slice regarding queen interfere western rally interminable collected comprehend dried fate forwards straw jerk torn tive ness monstrously rolls republic grounds stained countrymen slime kedgick unaccountable contradictory abroad settlement gift risk wharf inspired heat swamp toward fever apprehension washing fitted neighbours fears greedy graham maintain manage angel incapable entrance thine absorbed bridal advised darkly strings yards curtseyed penny bull gent height experienced chambermaid nothink drawers refreshing construction prodigious dragging companions alteration kettle paul shaved sparrows wings greedily blushing flies propose risen director crimple agitated judgment institution knave faltering glistening tongue swore wolf philosophical brush drat expecting unnaturally cupboard basin lewsome torture easier rung pathetic pleaded wonders arts tollman mutter curtain dreaded friars bending failing lean overheard salary counting explaining pipe battle flattering countryman firmly resist building forgave famous indistinct kindest shadowy slippers gate determination rely triangular austin bridge recall retreated suspicions

class minds prospect innumerable reader colour powerful genteel example vices reflection grieve disgrace misery portion bevan travellers ridiculous states association improve improved saturday press following lately contented reception subdued rise growth older learn impressions correct brings strict tempted rare strictly months materials america declaration wherever smallest equally daily referred repeat print fairly concerning polite assured undoubtedly descended line closely period displayed weakness oldest extended violence wholesome excitement divers occasions relations vulgar england supposing previous absolutely obvious matron recognized reasonable memorable event remaining respectable hint fourth wrought repeating conclusion triumphant expressions meaning original affected exercise modern branches stated perpetually dine expressing marked base admitted communicated wickedness bend members wealth fragments escaped contents seeking valuable borrowed uncle reside exception nephew invited splendid lofty probability crushed content utterly clenched treat improving earnest safely qualities animals wherein struggling memory glory departed youth grass sparkled scanty stream naked hopeful station glowing tokens wheels repose pattern stern brightness cloud airy forgot gloom cracked search lights village gleaming peeping idle tear song sign rampant clean humour rolling thin playing driving parties tightly tore dash whither trifling angle imaginary aspect doors belonged picked brass previously dragged spectacle repress involuntary applied limited comforted pickled stiff dish stool level simplicity wear rows charming sentiments loving played homely purse brightest telling shadows whereof beheld fastened calm slightly kindred action soft dangling plate cards architectural designed built awful relieved genius parents quantity houses worldly harmless mankind finger flesh stir fortunate practical unmindful playful frequent positively uncommonly blank joke eyed younger display cherry pushing heed stairs smoke wound unspeakable acted total brief shrunk twisted lock intent fain pardon deepest wishes bowed probably stepped advancing embraced hearty forgiveness exalted control move pounds disturb serve trembled voices entire pure wounded becomes truly space capable dejected lingering mental lane devil pursuing occasioned employment decent misgiving guilty prospects odds scraped doubtful gets cares useless taught liberal monstrous lightly timid rapid settle draw clue obtain jumped yesterday awakening monster fault gazed considerate midst bedroom entertainment dingy hurrying whispering smell bustle household rusty whence unexpectedly illness suffering suggestion poured entertain vigorous resolution haste restless alarm placed mistress outward thriving flower gathering tight mayor roof furniture reminded watchful french thick deserted emotions recent blame vent rosy sensible awkward faltered ring pace backward harm astonishment announced suspicion checked changing uneasy burnt strangely involving danger curiosity snug wise hidden warming statement strangest advice approaching thrust hostess finished summoned gained objection elapsed moments custom stared convinced pray offence apart careful implied dispute distrust indifferent wondered saint command principle elderly refuge afforded reduced necessity upwards bitterness arose instantly feature christian gates confide contact foolish metal increasing deceived hatred utter profit gain hopes raise cousin orphan steady ties losing inclination confession tenderness provide yonder foul filling passions lies bitter farther anxiety saving hurriedly downstairs george pulling mass pieces cover collar cloth honoured thoroughly attentively remarkably trait notes bill permitted indignantly introduce consequently remainder announcement outer uncomfortable clapping shoulder developed surveying profound contemplation existence shot weather celebrated cutting nine moderate temporary pouring earthly gravely aloud spottletoe regardless arriving feels stars presumed reasonably sanguine lend shillings eighteen receipt heartily enjoyed successful sensation caution obscure tavern lodgings beds promise tree tolerable conference proclaimed paint guests moist jealous softened asleep falling inform suspected cunning crowded dreary complete glasses notion bachelor circle folding incident reserve freely novelty conveyed women active deaf plunged language powers engagement agitation grief breaking thrice compass cheerfulness sunk shame ornamental understanding appreciate respected unlike contemplate blind atmosphere gaze pecksniffian visitors compared plan energy hated comfortably afford yielded enjoyment gallant drive jest hurry sorrow brisk sparkling noisy compliment traveller visible temper seating specially views marry unexpected turns report plenty lots exchange discovery exposed breathing shrewd stroll habits delusion assisted variety huge pockets insomuch fearful works impossibility store host lightest divided crowd bottles afternoon yellow mingled grand depth crowding brighter keen trifle eating theme nervous inquire ride embarrassed committed handle friendship punch hiding beaming convenient admit squeezed wisdom drank obligations picture slightest flight succeeded amazed yield whisper surrounded shapes basket explained roll arrangements preparations besought allusion hearts honours rested seized fits accordingly asking important ordinary deed severe meal tapping promised accompany enjoy resuming described requested monument relish calculated taste experience readily dwelling meanwhile score delicacy leisure represent luggage wiping approached undertake delivery boot unusually thoughtfully inconvenience heaps remains infinite stirring faced swallowed encountered encouragement gravity spreading openly remembrance closer attached ways difficulty favoured selfish faithful marriage interview beauty chief careless rubbing opinions empty hundreds awakened dismissed counsel smooth catching fetch tired wake completed forgetting school homage compliments conceived commission startled kissing unnecessary declared mistake performance screw owing answering orders travel presenting occupation chain separate drops measure names neat invented superior murmured borrow hate preserve relieve wiped favourable chest excited continue wicked particulars intention engaging bade wanting somehow boys pulled satisfactory signified sacred stage vessel victim dutiful scheme considering perform secretly process tumbling waking corners surface situated confused highest yard preferred style slipped exhibited lingered keys bedstead sleeping absence stuck escape travelled rule bursting ghostly tall undergone sunday rattling belief uncertainty intended frightened countries copper terror footman encouraged hide kindly waste impatient wandered flat aged unwilling clouds articles apron coarse neighbouring special current painted middle sporting questions subjects decided fashionable recently pious blessing native murder fountain gives sits join cruel consolation heavily pull devotion proposed locked firm repaired directed seated yours stress happier catch value numerous respects confounded uttered suppressed anger pains deny cordial absent modest chose cost strike bread hasty treated square mortal stronger practice brilliant happily desk impulse appetite favourite creeping sentiment feeble cared growing dangerous freedom hideous depths plans future deserve supported coachman twelve eager architect merrily effort blown leaped bare dream endeavouring swear manly weight appointed trusted saved pity tumbled stealing folly scrap resting driver tossed silk handing belonging relate appointment regularly instrument nited guard concluded inch offices clerk thirty swift cheap explanation bundle vein pint footstep heerd genuine engage wasted furnished frank hang explain thinks unhappy beckoned promptly pall sadly savage elements rushing onward packet infant lonely likewise dashed fancy secretary journal reflected institutions responsibility success footsteps swinging pawkins rooms bird attracted sounded hers ears performing misses sustained inquiring citizens teapot degrees duties enterprise recollect beat tenderly behaviour leaf withered officer creetur mission ascended flowers clasping abandoned husband operation stole triumph rude tower fayette lion introduction unbounded backwards scadder raps blighted discovered murdered trees boat endeavour wept chairman pressure flour sticking defiance indignant beating sech sairey official tied innocent wery restored barber david jobling secure exceedingly courage chollop chambers pudding thunder lightning

life martin chuzzlewit what plain truth that which commonly called features sometimes myself whether there occasionally difference this kind between some always then whose little head have more curious than just never touched character from asked ever like pecksniff family upon earth quite such will offer behalf make remark jonas would been nothing early before born made claim father whom those seen their mere piece extreme direct attention consideration because common real want many general true whole into side judge people creatures suffered bred american story other respect most part twenty years likely young mark writing wrong hoped united generally disposed quarrel with carrying same happy believe confidence great when book first given watertoast were beyond therefore fact public proceedings especially certain printed times about time engaged parts remain hope taken every opportunity showing gamp fair poor london noble very think least among betsey prig means should left private enter attempt greatly through good dinner city hundred much voice heard might further present duty charge only here express high grateful sense second bear honest national changes amount land vast almost without take place suppose point since last observed though break reference your even being mistaken rather information surprised news read state past away astonished seeing perfectly well known both write resolved seek return country places received sweet nature long right shall cause books mine love regard justice said these words greatest could them equal they form chapter lady possibly satisfaction know connected urged surely considered immense house rest ancient remarkable fail laid down greater days once quality source comfort happiness various lead death afterwards home doubt came over does appear seem distinguished possession property usually found give perhaps history itself gentle come question full giving change circumstances manner indeed easily another cannot interesting progress lives unconscious circumstance after continued watch small stock instance course proceeding beneath stand need also clearly proved distinctly mother bearing immediate close connection english must carry mind within highly member otherwise dark rendered still shape extremely ready again forth solemn frequently venerable carried strong impression habit naturally subject confusion easy whatever necessary plainly hardly worth proof often having terms miserable letters constantly find friends effect choice himself extraordinary gracious mean secret supposed less each name address lord human become none sound wholly except moment regarded either forgotten unknown established making constant entertained favour occasion brother possessed parted similar bestowed everything gentleman suit clothes influence interest post court countenance golden importance different until formed already above leave merely faith written served turned blue solitary settled business peculiar themselves persons best perfect render acquaintance minded shown reason pretty large share introduced world touching play strange number particularly certainly taking uncommon care presented better acquainted late looked journey town sudden spirit shed seemed live where green stood together took heart dull broke cheerful birds began half believed gone church sympathy windows light shone back quiet whispered coming fallen ground gave pleasant sounds distant feet passage rich brown hung others heap bright watching slow borne while showed somewhat gloomy charged struck deeper used went wall shining cold evening wind leaves longer hurried bent beside glance melancholy night brought face door dozen casting ease leaned round consequence fire dragon usual enough below meet kept under open chamber anywhere advantage opening finding lighted candle held miss against bottom weary meantime sharp step sort knock staring street wondering hurt inquired shrill opened desire cried caught corner matter mentioned four five eyes turning delivered relative raised upright case keep mouth wide drop lower hair coat neither pecksniffs kissed bore youngest paper ladies serious eldest entirely kitchen smoking setting bringing position forced fresh turn wore moral grave fine sight loved devoted leaning behold admiration herself goods establishment please thought dreamed hand remarked conversation particular girl fell goes cast white grey heavy free black double stretched understood knowledge professional consider loose room pair company three according salisbury possible front wanted glancing table suggested charity returned personal thing laying slight going heads during throw done resumed drew chair nearer prepared towards short shaking however humble calling daughter word occurred holding hands worthy expressive slowly looking expect notwithstanding mercy thoughts actually main opposite walk help something smiling bring loss instead daughters begun instant moved arms affectionate laughed running fingers laugh lest domestic standing pinch till sure look impossible accustomed choose companion delicate pleasure raising heaven expected alive worse john westlock appeared somebody knocked parlour gazing handsome kinds unless fellow keeping glanced several notice goodness shut doing hearing interposed behind newly arrived forward blood sorry answered told knew shake ceased tell fixed remember false year board dear evil conduct although spoke peace person breast proud glad forgive individual sufficient trust events waving direction utmost walked followed minutes along length burst loud intervals deal call knows observe tears starting bless extent self hear anything pocket money legs garden repeated thinking scarcely crying makes pupil rejoined died excellent grown nobody else ends service tone changed reached fellows hard nodding pride wonderful wandering spare reading foreign friend troubled organ summer thousand soul wild listened looks unable expression putting parting seat mention faint gradually near beautiful breakfast single society married natural animal next wood damp driven doctor sent landlady relief woman pain became attend directly medical miles learned latter patient suffer ordered sitting sick appearance clear things passed exactly steps inside article consciousness winked degree chairs hold getting glass twice soon creature immediately wrapped silent apparently advanced female figure remained busy softly desired avoid partly feelings note observation reach conscious meeting quick anybody proper really proceeded thus third meant stopped dare felt afraid health speech hollow purpose evidently broken remembering tender retired occupied considerable lupin begged pass capital difficult wonder withdrew unnatural nodded presence eight deeply drawing matters wants speak shook assure related nearly mild bound gently bosom pausing increased deep spite rose excuse waited hour sleep removed roused worked clasped surprise recovered regret muttered wished knowing letter motion waistcoat lying feel threw silence rising aware expressed virtue takes stopping inquiry leaving alone closing wish description gratification walking social quickly living waiting child faces objects attended dropping addressed depend angry pointing informed road thank added paused fear hearted chosen presently determined grow answer shadow affection agreeable hastily object returning disinterested required stranger fall listening happened straight caused violent warm rubbed order dress distance upper regular dirty bold replied chevy stretching understand slyme whenever comes party honour addressing strongly montague tigg familiar everybody couple quarter loan nose mighty prevent streets talking former upstairs points clock receiving gentlemanly spoken feeling speaking anthony interested account seven lost delight remarks intelligence arrival fully entered coach scene hours receive mutual show agreed smile touch possibility covered children trying allow shutting save trouble idea inclined venture folded blessed smiled forget pursue pursued sooner appearing trembling passion talked provided sister opinion wife composed recollection body listen lose fifty smart sufficiently obliged joined window blow rate started tremendous shoes dust view travelling satisfied strangers lively simple thou thee send moving water ugly rough welcome morning grew seeming dressed worn merry spirits begin broad carriage credit jolly fond situation able landlord happen office breath thanked thoughtful desperate mystery filled assistance horses knife watched safe shop hanging saying power striking gold precious pressed master narrow witness impressed terrible dreadful fast lived spot bell liked helped music rolled stone drawn work drinking foot appeal kindness minute becoming chance relation grandfather horse paid generous weeks observing passing ceremony delighted bonnet friendly seems thomas tried throwing floor rapidly additional gentlemen wine drink bottle amiable condition laughing conducted gathered sought wretched liberty follow mysterious week dread yourself request beginning dead talk wrote pleased visit nice ought across departure sorts comfortable anxious worst visitor suddenly lips tapley closed says reply strength arranged iron independent carefully accompanied fortune wait morrow outside passengers parent start partner interval commercial todgers boots spread jinkins handkerchief cleared singular disturbed nearest major noise porter stay communication drove dropped ruth working thrown seldom utterance retorted employed bailey unfortunate besides weak produced painful stick remembered cool wooden stop steadily chin indignation interrupted unusual popular handed chuffey pointed infinitely altered dismal design burning aside pale honourable assurance force rain york ship fiery pound offered leading bought knocking afore train deck colonel rowdy captain brick jefferson british norris kingsgate mould umbrella eden hominy mary harris poll sweedlepipe bengalee nadgett moddle elijah pogram augustus fips temple

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