Word Cloud for "Misalliance" by Bernard Shaw.

Word Cloud for "Misalliance"

This book was authored by Bernard Shaw. (1856 - 1950)

Area, genre or subject: Drama.

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The Bag of Words In "Misalliance" (Main Words):

given play deal beyond wall notion white near garden middle round also wicker appears high week office turn happy governor damned felt gives decent trying hard five place full hold tried behave began romance soon bring havnt real done beginning four behind herself called hurt often promised begins almost governed telling looking gets excuse bunny serious spend help friend worth pretend blessed sees awfully else suit along likes best seeing says seems drop wonder aristocracy pretending clear send shock gone each children deny living accustomed anybody many imagine fall perfect slave strong found puts sense room becomes carry allow fine glorious member kind throw past jinghiskahn everything wrong single wants consider under sack club conduct country vulgar hardly times less chance usual papa happened sign coming innocent part rises forgotten daresay year fight truth shake thousand fifty neither moral aeroplane foolish night respectable devil across damn further pointing shoot penny anyone mere sooner behaved beat kicked patsy

great chair glass right open door giving chairs side opposite except sideboard vestibule table towards left those though looks silly simply throws person name fact years next least body knew came everybody natural stop asked feel talking shes isnt forget daughter live girl whats getting having teach need jolly brought hope care sorry stick able wasnt respect kept shop took went couldnt three idea shew pretty hadnt inner eyes nice since turns find point either heard means nobody confess class seem moment thank free course saying child making fool enough women ashamed started shouldnt does dear glad long hundred matter without whether human school girls wanted marry sure common leave whatever married clever whole question instead remember bible face joey once listen stops feeling gentleman bear stay world passenger both taken lina runs presence pistol nine gunner

with used have where been word johnny young business house john made money little half which pavilion from through comes into that quite there more than this stand other just turkish very between them against writing every same bentley goes your mother will look away talk after himself come down here going want over cant when ever dont wont like theyre thing always first time really good were they hear call doing thats youll suppose youre tell what give think because believe about should know before youve yourself afraid wouldnt much something some didnt anything understand father being until then would keep myself sort thought ought make never could last youd take back hypatia tarleton lady told must makes hand doesnt mean lord summerhays takes sits only most even another well mind these poor said their shall nothing such better theres might things love read people rather woman percival hands life family miss

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