Word Cloud for "Treatise on Parents and Children" by Bernard Shaw.

Word Cloud for "Treatise on Parents and Children"

This book was authored by Bernard Shaw. (1856 - 1950)

Area, genre or subject: Parenting.

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The Bag of Words In "Treatise on Parents and Children" (Main Words):

monsters fanciers acquirements alleged horror holiday laziness task hardihood spiritual toleration sport technical dependence schoolboy conflict opportunity wind brother mothers mourning selection artist government stage continual race achieve believed went labor machine hard john again idle pound inducing effort gets short wretched each face dead conventional hell honor city london appear look responsible presented larger lady times twenty involves calling business thought shews deeply theory property recognize miserable industrial effectually growing using legislation factory domestic girls share plenty denial white fresh humanity figure tells doubt head described compared imposes takes advantage childish worship almost rules stop strike unable meaning unpleasant suffering sympathy unnecessary false wont used myself bodily provoked fraud active police wholly mischievous ways lead instrument terrible fire virtue foolish written nearly view pretence frankly detestable proceed says yourself shape sure feels drive wrong napoleon ignorant wise house income disastrous tired members violent attempts despots compelled influence prime naturally difference supposed conscious action causing terror asking imprisonment nuisance highest ridiculous choice boarding continually goat endure health fifty pack year during oftener depends morbid creatures easier ages dogs dozen brothers extremely leads baby pretext houses ladies victims finding anxious squeers talking dare truth educational reasons happy alternative apparently obviously feeling avoid lies unfortunately smallest civilization military enjoy enterprise organized innocent horrible otherwise interest protect fellow hideous sorts lessons paid schooling cane became impose special giving greek necessity pupils five began governing change friend mine offered challenge plays certainly relationship specific finds mostly unfortunate blood qualify british constitution national terms worked century greatest refuses paper opinions worth economic precisely discover corrupt familiar courage discuss undesirable training insist considerations given discovery consider tendency manner progress importance beginning properly going prize girl alive worst sacrifice imposed students future mass nine goes profit exceptional cure gives disagreeable realize inculcate desire acquire culture reading individuals above talk conception wants fast mental repeating fairly educated multiplication lest attack ground method movement number problem effective everyone shift hundred vice along intellectual tolerated athanasian gone history degree works mathematics englishman days term helplessly disgusting flogged accustomed huge wellington sexual enslaved thereby pleasure contempt pass prey weak presently help provide picture saying widow misery inspiration appetites realist

small scholastic genius perpetual loathe abuse wills ourselves pursuit secular imagination process ones finally room half thousand easily serious pounds moment sees back conscience perfect conceive name since alone however outside four notion grow meant slavery cases fall cruelty prevent money impossible general save classes results relation produce wild trouble soul possibly mischief throw experience place within places seems consequently religious conduct noise affectionate sermon neither form dont excuse single told provided harm pious torture treated cruel thing expect souls bear teacher beat obvious reasonable imagine monstrous taking proper exactly particular absurd hold lesson silly resistance subjects elders escape master likes appetite remain highly intelligent stand company rest methods upon altogether keeping streets walk hand pretend actual ordinary three mind merely allowing popular sentimental sisters strong none ready soon flogging impulse kind unnatural produced prison idea afraid duty private professional institutions established afford books course write heaven slave admit circumstances hear learnt literary suffer thoroughly order teachers attitude honest repeat greater everybody asked woman open literature carefully hurt doctor elementary happen citizens taken church whereas respect full nation slaves carry word suppression cultivated mere facts sensible seem village sake behaved organization clearly already independent trying inculcated claim rich street early driven pretty imprisoned carried duke broken academic powers prepared committee average together arts romantic fine story

parents children child father what large families childhood state school schoolmasters schools modern rights should their happiness university risks knowledge english physical ignorance common sense experiment learning love under instruction docility must reform society before manners much burden little know about family affection teaching education natural religion moral bible that life which human force either will cannot except very indeed means even though they last longer than capable fact born away with death need would have people make young part things want live ever knows well because probably time same also some were personal such from other could living knowing come like just take sort been more difficulty nothing keep into rather poor better something through this shall become there only belief down being after himself those believe made possible present give person matter comes enough persons many therefore another without does perhaps then always treat country where first every whom call individual allowed until seen least years never anything regard turn might true often mean understand worse begin practice subject whatever allow them condition adults most dangerous public thus less case really whose body when great deal done both boys necessary send class home instead between adult political sometimes whole power nature real attempt your good these spite hardly found effect simply habit having reason whilst parent right system point learn healthy remember tell equally book against themselves called nobody quite here find once high danger parental question said object character happens knew ought mother whether important care still think world making over working best selfish beyond hands becomes play work spend conditions choose social left hours simple women leave kept among makes anyone else certain read long schoolmaster unless everything brought doing forced beaten result england able taught latin music others break teach free actually freedom community evil practical itself compulsory liberty coming democracy

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