Word Cloud for "The Mysterious Affair at Styles" by Agatha Christie.

Word Cloud for "The Mysterious Affair at Styles"

This book was authored by Agatha Christie. (1890 - 1976)

Area, genre or subject: Poirot, Hercule (Fictitious character) -- Fiction.

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The Bag of Words In "The Mysterious Affair at Styles" (Main Words):

mysterious affair contents interest aroused public view family write silence fifteen often showed less recalled playing generous purchased completely distinctly lived while practiced life country preferred news smiled difficult second wears running three simply faced absurd miles lying lodge pleasant lead twice girl cross front flower hands impression deep spread figure meet sight sense wild burnt sank chair feeling french wait murmur suggestion wore real mine strange otherwise presence conceal poured occasionally usually fairly letters addressed return secret famous detective murderer startled medical walking flung thank position allow scrap shadow wondered dismissed returned enigmatical charming shut excited fool raikes extremely wicked hard money shaking motor above evidently nervous london clever type opposite direction vague fancy july arrived events trial received couple working unable efforts excellent cool comes says thinking message moments light fancied aside loud arms four sorry belgian raised various hercule stamps added appear pass rising decided send altogether carrying gently sound state laughed appearance close walk floor sitting servants agitated dressed seized fixed short watched fast gesture watching local witness others deadly thoughts dying wilkins trouble surprised hastings fear seems explain leastways getting seeing brief careful each link facts present matters excuse beautiful lack dead blood habit died drank dreadful proceeding difficulty wants proceeded object purple wire broken bolt leading pair tiny chest tray saucepan empty bunch absolutely somebody contained picked closed brown best dropped whereas began grate quickly charred care doors questions apparently begin fully waited voices expect powder cups gardener stand drawer label explanation wrote names straight salt briskly whose desk examine envelope earth consider unless discover respect forced listening clearly bound views murmured hang ample suspected glancing attracted hoping swept note event hesitated pardon revoked document member bedroom papers manning gentleman consequence shot proved murdered yours fond lowered happen unlocked force destroyed obliged rushed recovered smile studied actually wise powders plain strolled arranged except grew wilful result drug sample bitter taste perfect tonic containing causing deceased dose flashed especially hearing private although satisfied shop sold mention bear nature deny mace positively tuesday meant statement inspector sooner summerhaye start arrest capable spite familiar cleverly criminal goes household suspicions knows forward strike deal exception reasons belief charge produce destroying equally denied busily true hoped pride women love fatal card cared sheet risk paused declared chloride third prosecution stepmother remembering slip financial delay admitted june hidden hurries

intense somewhat account therefore years married afraid father inclined opening doctor noticed seem doubt least days waiting court side afternoon quiet morning glanced wonder started hospital nearly seven fine large forget fire clear stepped curious struck placed lost subject drawn used work mere story spot feel saying poisons poisoning makes full kind late sent violent evening burst yourself expressive laid everything drove doing greatest telling broke wish cannot asking confess during also remain appeared several white introduced many sharp bottle towards examined read pointed remained unusually wanted extraordinary stared without itself past behind speak anxious occurred immediately witnesses utterly entirely reached along obviously fell further point lock fresh terrible stopped staring sudden minute keys opinion attention forgotten repeated conversation carefully aware administered symptoms ordinary either examination points grease sort name dare scandal business else merely sleeping annie produced ought quietly hours convinced heart answer slight naturally answered lawyer opportunity instinct relief favour earlier suspect poisoned police truth wished guess overheard nodded medicine extra committed realize caught particular monday scotland yard detectives beard conclusion ordered believed bromide

styles what known time which have been both friend poirot whole will still down being with home from after some rather given having near trying make mind when across john seen very little never good though hardly looked five place about leave those suppose know that surprise woman remembered certainly could than lady most their cavendish early under much left well part always they were young thought finally more taken wife suspicion would mother other people this case tell making turned something fellow anyone great black took course into suddenly alfred must there came reason green village mary over seemed almost believe felt another find enough want hand every until taking cynthia spoke last drew herself miss howard shook eyes looking these soon sure shall only myself said come done round house where rose first against expression different ever things words gave certain called moment voice through open window then hear might followed inglethorp look natural turning emily think upon notice nothing take husband question manner give evelyn your really just quite matter like remarked mean right able prove bauerstein yesterday probably held dark handed does away room minutes later slowly heard call back same walked since lawrence brought passed night next entered once face door went small dear cried pretty going whether murder remember told made better them interrupted head asked rest coming should gone long letter show hall before following such suggested replied whom person here thing knew poison outside possibly table together monsieur idea himself exactly anything bring perhaps boudoir word help hold whilst possible tried coffee discovered tragedy candle standing locked bolted realized alone sign half need surely poor faint clock again peculiar explained happened kept leaving found important death inquest speaking strychnine arrested quarrel between fact opened possibility already piece stood because even coco writing fragment turn paper keep dorcas mistress written likely cleared mademoiselle crime wells evidence perfectly understand observed jury continued coroner japp means destroy prisoner ernest

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