Word Cloud for "Philoktetes" by Sophocles.

Word Cloud for "Philoktetes"

This book was authored by Sophocles. (-495 - -406)

Area, genre or subject: Classical literature.

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The Bag of Words In "Philoktetes" (Main Words):

mcnamee seen character well himself greatest whatever serve means years captured able once into conquer lies through permit famous although whether city suffer except answer learned voice land child disease found running another none send hate poor prize victory want carry find only stranger done birds bitter along someone become beloved went gone ship need asked feed mother since said truly robbed whole blessed glory home sight much perhaps longer persuade does sleep taken zeus evils life willingly took kill

sophokles made gave among might hold nature holy savage cause bound alone work cannot some hope long clear nothing learn above trader lord cast hear cave place like though dead most pains sure even brave stay think look always pity living right comes while myself illness pain came weapons just care terrible wish sail

philoktetes this when greek never before that such first what been those with whom against odysseus from evil greeks gods which speak keep there they will troy without over neoptolemos until then could here noble other help great more than have should these bring their were must time chorus upon many would away take your still things back them tell leave come make know live words after good where down brought heard give atreids

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