Word Cloud for "Hard Times" by Charles Dickens.

Word Cloud for "Hard Times"

This book was authored by Charles Dickens. (1812 - 1870)

Area, genre or subject: Domestic fiction.

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The Bag of Words In "Hard Times" (Main Words):

boys minds scene observations emphasis wall covered belief terms circle blow clean mechanical substitute explained trembling thrown unable lighted windows washed centre sunny beginning whereas haired coat mighty cutting ugly bore knock unlucky deaf explain dismal rooms flowers cecilia birds permitted mathematical proof frightened observe lately drawing stony branches physical names learnt taught model gradgrinds statistical associated famous directed built faithful regular shaded garden infant idle greedy affectionate special application band josephine printed graceful equestrian afternoon performing throwing rapid solid intervals journey peep behold peeping struggling brightened doubtful changes tear attach mention searching grave bosom rich ignorance younger condition windy circumstance spring spent bundle baby appropriate determined later mine drink sign knocking everybody letters direction training tells advantages heated entered impressed provided attend nonsense sufficient interested appear unexpected crept vulgar pardon pondering servant suggested bursting explosive regularly belonging wearing wear minute stairs notwithstanding aspect languidly burning triumph tall vast building equally eighteen sacred sunday bells stranger commons acts parliament statements parties joined fresh sober grew recognized stirring finger laws respecting pace tearing colourless cruel offered knuckled serve rough entering stuck shutting dressed popular fetch kidderminster missed tied wider apart leaves writing sought move happen fortunate example gathered handsome families ride jump stick gentleness sharp class inside thtand thall expressive desire refuge pathetic cared advanced consequence mutht thed latter speech effect assented clothes basket travelled covering middle pressed kissing kiss ladies handed philosophy annual bully humility limited trace mysterious refused fair fortune separated dense youth roses term modest breakfast independent somebody contracted equal italian infancy rejoined decent claim confess devilish danger bending observing dropping daily fifty creatures especially books wondered print yielded unaccountable hate chamber sulky sparks ways stupid silently unfortunate setting relapsed forward advantage lose cost encouraged progress result remaining clung superior comfort exact burst required feet unto others necessity wiser mistakes wiping remark hesitated hiding awful played angry beat crying lounging stared takes presence improved properly fantastic becoming acknowledge carry loom perfect ceased sensation smile patient hast engines legged shameful impatient sounds avoided capacity virtue supposing curse escape bread begged stately coach turtle soup direct entirely lass ower suffering nights please humble ashamed rested attentive uttered punish relation sooner pounds noise spare liked vague remembrance gently parliamentary glimpse difference sounded factory arches heat softening dread torn objects softened drooping neck wake harder haply seized resting consciousness happiness friendly prevent recognition mills larger incapable dream cleared blew quarter powers worn anybody notice calculations stage longer fault kindness grateful otherwise somehow stated dirty thoughtful engaged fires secret address disparity affected belong shot increased regarding repetition possibility faint departed fluttering consequences positively occupy connexion occasionally promise assume society compassionate vain accepted buried eldest holy sees deceive send utterly pitch property inch evil story disappeared news butter rise excellent asserted reasonable impressive regard patron sixty wanting establishment visitor railway offering intention charming extent announced earth scattered afterwards lightest dearest locked recommend noble slightest importance laying likewise pains smoking front cigar sorts complain admiration waiter rally raise roof injured turns bein reasons remembered land leaving protesting instinctively amoong appeal nigh excessively thinkin thin produce deeply trees shocked afforded accident beautiful risen forgive heavily reduced indifferent spectacle robbery begun stopping concealed nerves dangerous approached tumbled urged fence entreat gentler affairs discovery incompatibility suspicion gray signal surgeon brandy thquire thon muth thould childerth dogth

book girls service principle square line helped eyebrows shining facts obstinate trained third inclined poured talked pair exactly simple private presented filled prepared childhood calling break horses greatest possessed reference moving suddenly bare narrow caught receive deeper colour shone cold hardly ends expressed forehead forty twelve rapidly system force follow charge office paper cried slow conviction feeble fond allowed meet immense variety points considerable intended opportunity lodge proved straight iron various broken satisfied probably pride meeting pleased ground neither either ears riding wooden appearing pass road hidden grass distinctly deal catch crossed keeping blind fifteen difficult education makes friends loud stretched appearance sufficiently seven eight added constantly partly whenever hoped miserable touched faintly sell female social pulled threw able drunken arrived accompanied plainly reading raising died devoted certainly spite mentioned possible learned leaned asleep answer worth across doing strike brick ashes matters unnatural machinery rattling streets yesterday main features members bell material gold mystery strange note church merely tabular previous acquainted relief honest lives somewhere running dare addressing seems bottle nine replied worse mistake lights legs arms roman offence followed shut opening presently voices shawl violent extremely message retorted aware glancing loose childers rope continued opinion deserted living astonished english telling mouth step empty curious persons sake purpose outside softly tone gradually talking women fairy habit rolling respect assumed domestic fixed thick clown hith addressed drawn floor stop shadow waste expect extraordinary following circumstances remain pretend thay horthe observation matter alwayth power during bonnet parting wide pound kissed glance forget darkness consideration political period immediately deadly coriolanian habitually single occasions started save speaking sleep classical nearer finish lord dignity familiar accustomed hearing opposite satisfaction former connected stay communication dozen conversation forth says besides happened infinite faces steps united body wrote pale bright dropped pleasure wondering talk sorry thousand hurt written change looks impossible easy dead faith wretched blue pleasant death anxious afraid harm innocent whispered compassion creature asking chance shame write reply bless midst appears influence weak ridiculous favour knowledge thousands length gentle hide truth awlus muddle beyond fast chimneys deep walls throw national soul green brazen nowt steady leaning easily proud tight unequal marriage wife portrait excuse action singular lifted thoughts rising anger dreadful grow around placed precious view quietly listened crowd shape below places seek watch considering utmost struck amount generally member indeed supposed likely fellows distance established arrival settled second appointed attention proposal watched offer account similar dust waited resolved evening conscious sensible position porter liberty party feel feeling worthy shown proposed summer weather however interesting safe cause strolled meaning wonderful bored paid glass earnest slackbridge onny afore silent goes falling visit forced pegler pain bottom hurried loving miles wicked wood suspected loved reproach mistrust hell windlass hath comic

hard times first chapter thing what want these nothing everything only form upon else will ever this which bring every with while eyes found dark keep wind from like head scarcely room very take grown person their little then there ready have into them until they were full thomas that anything table always human tell comes mere question case might hope some other gradgrind such whether public words before seemed kind young girl number said know sissy standing father returned another business about when jupe twenty general here perhaps because same face being corner came more appeared would been short something than hair natural looked four could after both light down most heard coming whatever himself subject fall certain common call high great should half children seeing manner must rather walking course look wrong called name having time among strength your husband people over heavy pretty fancy quite things word object walk cannot find come never going figures fact world give shall wait choakumchild began best hundred turned many through answered worked honourable taken knew water better much went work looking thou each think within sometimes walked state child just five almost soon made large black white express heaven knows taking seen speak wonder known years bear those several stone making figure mile town coketown present least cast side carried back heart though good eminently particular considered held sure occasion practical friend sound rest sleary early took miss long moral highly also thus favourite character passed ought house turning between order where family laid hand louisa gave home away wanted particularly fire life itself seem become woman thought believe brought sister fell whom again broke daughter remarkable repeated bounderby near perfectly towards make hold voice year without stood night born showed piece foot enough suppose nobody thank mother left according giving small behind kept pursued became instead three josiah clock under whole well stopped still spoke expected mind wish possibly remember usually meant free alone lady herself once chair saying myself reason interest strong hands turn right opened door window fallen slowly raised minutes greater smoke themselves melancholy last against fine hear place done school master show close whose except getting showing moment clear lived none told existence even round street quick bitzer asked horse observed yourself glanced gentleman assure means mean gone waiting till real received candle sort wild part leave honour knowing money does pity stand used shake shook station fear open sent hour understood resumed doubt altogether really lower point company together often poor letter help already troubled breath thith ring wath dear trying plain need above lying begin felt drew tears bent nature trouble pray married lost sparsit along different late nose allow less thinking slight morning idea necessary since obliged therefore care shaking understand passing happy read given brother although duty sitting watching live shadows unless believed next past hours wished sense love beside quiet trust stephen blackpool working expression train rain rachael further true tried touch putting sight thee moved coom holding confidence usual marry country spoken closed bound glad changed surprised lips consider agreeable rose bank days return remained fellow james harthouse whelp

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