Word Cloud for "Barlaam and Ioasaph" by Saint John of Damascus.

Word Cloud for "Barlaam and Ioasaph"

This book was authored by Saint John of Damascus.
Area, genre or subject: Princes -- India -- Romances.

The Bag of Words In "Barlaam and Ioasaph" (Main Words):

original edifying inner honourable famous saints trodden proving memory denial pathway rough record draweth despair tread difficult danger hanging devout vast unlawful handiwork compassion womb united apostles regions idolatrous waxing fresh blameless ends adopted wings named victory boastful distraught curse regard advanced grew cleaving sweets enamoured excess plainly winning decree thereupon kinds torture forms yielded ungodly attained nobility illumined quest apprehended vile raiment profit kill play banish bird hearken preserved meaning sentence seemed cling prosperity thereto force iron captive overcome discern lifted unstable alienated wouldst constrain warfare point honours compare forgetting reverence misfortune laying malice restored granting sufferings proclaim felicity severed frailty stable sharp flee devised persecution ministers keepers nowhere lovely person temples hymns real gather offerings mention speedily trace angry heralds foot grievously wounded adding saidest spread aforesaid forget stealing hearts charge resolved apart fain hopes herein miss bidding joys sayest hidden moment ship labours befall late eager luxury forbid devotion abstain rock breathing perish forasmuch proveth hereupon wishing wherewith twas leading mountains shining teachers questions history charm remained condemned mean betray wide something continual wily going spend sights charging spring corrupt health wont reserved ceased doom avoid hundred arrive debt uncertain cares longed enquired tutor sort occupied perpetual discover needs waste surpasseth blind steadfast tellest ordinary listen property suppose observe sober polluted felt discourse falsely signified fowls plant reverend burning devoted herald trumpet despaired garments shortly home stones deceived example parable lords dwelling countless richly adorned dust fashioning trees taste angel blissful conceived adam paradise happy single mere stars advocate enlightened creeping worthless thieves occasion generation abraham contemplation recognized material handed space forty bread pluck operation virgin undefiled cleansing worn endless continued ascended disciples grown rising fulness methinks latest dwelleth near callest scripture language commit flower books dreadful host whither herself arise receiveth graves enjoy worm gnashing deprived higher establishing case confirmed read confirm grave leader cold shepherd needy confess parables likewise bride wedding unclean lamps head repay burnt therewith thick sinned crieth unending hereby truths apostle thinking idol readily besides statues observed hell security afraid sudden terror build catholick sanctification support finding wander seven completely adultery knoweth assuredly food loveth toils confession building renew mercies goodness condemn shed places wept springing prophet wash strive speed quite liveth mightily obedient partakers hiding denied concerns evils ascetic behind public multitudes bought hatred title imitate thirst loins feeble equal following dire covenants willing grasp dragon hung deliberately slight praying entreat abundance bitterly laws lack ordained affairs counsellor reach deceitful standeth hither wealth dishonoured revealed loudly yonder spakest introduced distribute hardly hardness sold setting commandment shineth moving motion enquiry inclined judged zealous action seemeth sometimes teacheth kindly rendered convenient pinched astray please manifold seekest steadfastness infinite waxen advance speaking vouchsafe wore fully seal captivity residue cease promise armed points partake doctrine grow henceforth smoke required mire alter union depths grass ending listened worth hoped hinder cloak jesu visit weak intercessions whilst caused persuasion beheld deceiver boldness beaten deceive length surrounded strengthened crafty breath confessed iniquity unquenchable hotter mock scorn deed chaldeans orators mischief stronger erred introduce zeus next represent appeared telling device cloud women smitten talk nets damsel sans authority ocean sacred

side story thence monk inspired narrow virtuous conversation especially tyranny less arrived walking buried grieved moved leaving season ancient freed receiving endured majesty twelve gospel signs added household built formed virtues stirred withdrew mortal matters arose soon sore superstitious although lived enjoyment pleasant greatly number short saving naught proclaimed becoming renounce throughout rulers faithful ended suffering mark farewell loved loss kindled everywhere search stone abode clad wasted bearing outward grief friendship pity delights remove enemies whatsoever torment crucified saintly creator altogether banished yield wast prefer planted bare seest cleave tasted sweetness continually kindness opened perceived followed thank deadly ruler easy embrace chose strait miserably falling plain manifest witness ignorance deny giveth endowed fashioned tender bestowed blessings idols shame obey join wild shown lieth passeth race gained gently cruelly venerable utter driven surely tongue hence destroy crown daily waxed goodly birth offer giver offered lifeless mightest folk running each favour feast five mouth heavy beautiful reveal grievous break learning discovered destruction persuade best kept secret looking useless render sick heed neglect kingly prove habit course just accept knowest pricked delight quickly preach whereas punishment nevertheless quick distress quoth proof change considered along path religion desired departing palace intelligent natural marvelled least whereon access feared believed further knowing bright matter diligence shouldest meat drink abroad rejoice companions descried form changed broken seized misery unless trial overtake presence fill ears dealt state desert returned dumb costly shew assured wondrous lose excellent ground persuaded accomplished passion touching beasts either guard golden filthy miserable anon embraced custom weeping committed four bones bound sense objects ought loathsome clothed counted ghost acknowledge persons invisible moon herbs reasonable immortality tree bore madness unworthy drawn angels devil destroyed saved worse passions shameful senseless serving providence ashamed images foul creation children gift fashion descended waters miracles written shadow promised purpose depth mother baptized beloved priests godhead suffered souls third rose tongues fools unwise blessing prophets instructed forward glorify clearly baptism root sure foundation saviour uncertainty return departure longing granted lips vision holding remission itself raise kind bodies died inherit rejoicing bliss standing purity outer abide sinners wrath lead rewards punishments sayings shine hour spoken gathered fruits rise moreover fervent whosoever sheep visited count thereby declared continue door drew idle nations fierce silver gold deep afar devils extreme friend canst hadst fathers divided instead white forgive forgiveness repentance taketh becometh defilement comfort tribulation affection bless pray yourselves treasures daughter cross incorruptible crowns doctrines loving cleansed greatness citizens perceive kissed killed sinner remembered fled teacher fight clear toil provoke kings always zeal midst heat prayers nought unprofitable bodily pleasing religious sword poverty carrying gifts weakness lovers stretched established fleeting dearest succour gracious falleth dark unerring thither slavery parted command aloud brightness deliberation straight reckoned mysteries fitly truly temple easily fellow temporal earnestly obedience rule slain proper departed contrary rejoiced child courage haste pointed merciful redeemed zardan aged stood befallen around araches neighbour hearted abominable forsake worshipping barachias greeks abenner burden

barlaam with tale from christian work that ioasaph land called brought holy wherein lives blessed many spirit they sons saith have been worthy become things most find rest this above else beginning practice some having unto others should hand down deeds both them were made perfect deliver follow hath christ received thus salvation virtue such wholly turned still through their reason also need whether road before which towards doth account even would hard rather already last over servant lord given will wise pass come whom calleth delivered country beyond when begotten being bondage himself amongst without dwelt might dwell again fulfilled every life flesh death earth into right according sent give light darkness name whereby fell journey while appointed then company preaching working word true hands ever faith began monks themselves gone came like everything though spiritual heaven saying there king mighty riches vain soul utterly error sweet never thing took thought father glorious christians grace making service monastic happiness wherefore fear nature present first away bitter certain laid aside became heard filled passed against unable endure order wickedness everlasting dread more divine under very royal chief those beauty body hearing bade joined free anger after long judgement rich about visible speech these spake thou hast thine honour what only splendour chosen than glory shall thee gods call pleasures once converse answer concerning mayest desire cannot speak world turn answered walk nothing part none therefore wisdom righteousness hear judge bring tell make taken cause despise whole hope former good three remembrance until fruit foolish able understand understood eternal earthly heart time better held love pleased mind mine eyes upon keeping left jesus showed seeking attain vanity anything except ourselves because failed thyself bear charged dost past rightly seeing toward human other greater power live created heavens place looked suffer raised whence heavenly same know neither fire great gladness full lust myself seek sorrow obtain prepared friends minded noble since fast lest went lost terrible born whose future seen folly sacrifice praise people together bringing ready store asked counsel said learned learn told truth city exceeding approach gain strength consider fall commanded another behold days found worship among forth cast passing take receive poor evil gave ordered carried turning common wilt leave didst shalt knew whereof immortal kingdom sound must well pleasure words coming much escape night remember countenance within known share measure your servants save fair young prince could aught stand round choose small hold open care straightway manner pain grant immediately choice show divers often cried youth sight taking calling strange years trouble meet help knowledge entered where precious maketh fail high carry master powers strong pure leadeth marvellous declare therein seed sake teach understanding brother send house dead here works alone glorified taught spirits living giving image likeness thereof multitude maker righteous sins worshipped subject believe elements impossible wrought honoured teaching back unspeakable voice casting feet done peace reward preached commandments enemy keep times water second verily enter draw cometh fallen garment sinful corruptible possible resurrection beside little spent thoughts false thousand indeed longer look cruel wicked recompense serve trust hate lover fulfil tears treasure morrow means mercy labour depart blood nigh alway face think elder sought money thanks proved sign prayer prayed nachor theudas

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