Word Cloud for "Chita: a Memory of Last Island" by Lafcadio Hearn.

Word Cloud for "Chita: a Memory of Last Island"

This book was authored by Lafcadio Hearn. (1850 - 1904)

Area, genre or subject: Historical fiction.

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The Bag of Words In "Chita: a Memory of Last Island" (Main Words):

orleans especially hard weary along shadowed immense silence silhouette five floating past river shores soil voices monstrous grand season silent quivering shadows woods tropical villages speak girls beauty queer wooden scarcely crimson melancholy islands certain familiar waving drift haunted flying across isle visit ghastly lying west although near hotel story together large vanished houses remained fleeing women save ground shook tides brave bearing clinging colossal deepening beside torn soft perpetual marvellous peculiar appear reaching carry slowly veteran coast moaning innumerable call earth understand splendor indian tenderness southern unutterable dream utterly violet speck wings flickering vision growing changes dreams loose rolling measureless either unbroken swarming flashing skin shadowy spectral alone towards leap sinister fear winds held forgotten fishing swift roll fancy sharp swung round answering cool running later heads ceased bursting fearful totally tremendous tenth eighteen frail close longer ears gathering continuous fire prepared form whether mingled nervous general fresh wore keep lights flamed girl begun rush burst rushed struggle heaped casks stripped dress delicate luggers flooded gave proved having followed stood whom waxen tears house quivered screamed least word watched laid brief sounds tried tall smiling cried smile sent discerned toward taken mateo left wearing should invisible till knows power corpse mist tell slender finding turned sight entered relatives afterward harris murmur speech does talk german return doctor afraid children really father love loved read adele asking things part thou flung larger wanted mamma thrill eternally feared misery

strength shadow tide point rest side level intervals steamer bayou reach below star behind thin take luminous broad around blown sand unfamiliar except mighty grasses weeds circling heaven clouds colored change rise since miles nearly village called strong oaks arms play whole eternal billowing others here bodies drowned kept beneath single three heard lips shore breath sudden breeze soon storm singular summer impossible best seen lifted indeed seems horizon right bending hour appeared rich color changed mysterious splendid rising clear waters become brought hope reason nearer during sense reached already faces fine hours possible better french taught moment darkness suddenly awful birds heart sweet marsh idea given took several wife trees saved virgin none miguel asked slept dark opened bearded lost hand blood spoke told able often carmelo marco

last island with went from through strange land into gulf made much more some those which where there ever place their white against like great never long then down many perhaps green broken black will find than once again sometimes away these even sound over little blue open water enough about time other make also feeling that evening another themselves wind upon full first living seem must have been above flood pretty each under creole well beautiful vast used whose wild when beyond grande most because light beach dead half gray waves something only they before your eyes spanish were itself still deep while same night human found after days look line being good huge yellow less just such high enormous feet them among might brown years began coming back voice infinite this bright what almost tiny nothing would passing morning ghostly always moving within feel come without himself seemed could world looked until grew became knew every came face sleep hundred said learned know city felt captain though rose between terrible passed watch thought young heavy hands very feliu name woman mother carmen herself child life head laroussel julien filled chita sparicio

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