Word Cloud for "A Child's History of England" by Charles Dickens.

Word Cloud for "A Child's History of England"

This book was authored by Charles Dickens. (1812 - 1870)

Area, genre or subject: England.

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The Bag of Words In "A Child's History of England" (Main Words):

upper bits restless waves winds islanders useful lead coloured tempted improved strangers mixed especially seldom trees clever coarse building fortresses boats pointed manage wonderfully masters sensible trusty breast contained stony cutting pieces spring tore hang sacred salisbury extraordinary curious uncomfortable pretend julius caesar bravery britain passage language cloud capital learnt subdue mountains eternal weapons touched hundreds resisted plundering daughters shamefully insulted strengthened desperately battles hills stones piled worried quantity countries germany grow native northern invasion improve military picts afresh rain remains pavement dust dogs summer monument unknown badly entreating choice invite friendship hengist nations names inferior settling goblet sweet forgotten tales deeds virtues crowds board rocks preached serving furious flung offended poison travellers rival unhappily daring wheresoever laying mentioned habit tutor learn treaties swearing disguise idle devonshire host numerous tent entertained entertain summoning fourteen merciful altogether depart forgive sunny talking famine creatures failed learning happily robbers chains founded divide candles wind nephew obtain usurper honoured assistance ruled drunken birds delight points race steady misfortune tongue teach turbulent cornish drunk robber table seizing dagger abbot glastonbury whither magnificent reported denounced monasteries comfort sickness simple devil nonsense observe dane virtuous abused content seventeen stolen pitied villain hurrying barbarously visit edgar pains condemned comfortable charming fame suspecting couple prepare implored welshmen sharp choose wishing brightest whispered stole caught disliked fashion churches wickedness ninth tenth growing stern circumstances permission floor defeat deed thirteenth instructions swaggering peaceful prime dread flag desert strike striking throwing curse storm gates release gathered picked heap sake attachment welcomed strength weary caring valour shed washing foreigners writers relate chair edge liking fancy shore sinking humour goes exiled godwin bloodshed woods eating trembling elder believing kentish evening lodgings parties supper exception stripped miserably occupy revenge foully splendidly cold preferred introduced seal mark daily event staying entering drinking admission spreading eustace windows closed port says meanness visited helpless allowing spies agents shouting blind rallied demanding restoration champion higher vigorous rebels barbarous complaining week dreary entirely praised persuade touching line resign blessed requested penny rebel joining instant figure blue tall stately withdraw stir contrary strewn star leader fired rush reconciliation front representing dreaded hill singing pursuing shoot fiery mortal spot innumerable performed ceremony resistance families acquired maintained sullen outlaws murderous lose sparing fields heaped besought bribed compared melancholy doleful sung protected englishman chanced longed wooden rebellious ringing bell riches quarrels rufus walking hotly endeavoured submission supplied tear cost height peasants disputed awakened chapel contest happen hastened concourse convenient secured forts amounted flattered credit soften abandon rule interfered inherit embraced territory closely distress permitted rate mount wandered unquiet sums archbishops offices persisted aggravated begin sell quick eager revolt energy turks hating preach ranks conditions crusaders treatment fitted valiant resisting success moving branches lonely hearts leaves harm passing winchester protection spurs unnatural haste useless strengthen worn stated respected below bottom aboard pension crime hearted understanding naturally infant harmless follower youth nights helmet welcome accustomed observed uniting betrothed matilda powers consequences retinue harbour debauched casks colours distant rowed brilliant dared plotted succeed wearing broom relieved fears latter reading induce laughed brains relied involved temper weather snow chance figures resigned assist besieging arundel reasonable ambition plantagenet bank consideration period slaves ashes interdict bells refuse agreement rendered increase defending kindly dirty waggons aged warm crimson cloak affair position altered astonished rochester excommunication consisted horror saving prevailed entreated wept knelt adjourned angrily renounced proudly formally crowded celebration absence privately bread sermon complain reginald hugh proceeding echoed cruelly remembering respectful contrived band trained nose horribly dublin successes undutiful approval cheerful delighted forgave agree grief establish list erected shedding eleanor silken governing warning locked murdering proclamation merchants presents respect selling pardons newly levied roaring unjust approved destroy beloved lately everywhere pleasure captive gallantly saracens view marching dost saladin fain monstrously designed ransom willingly appealed meanest garrison knees defenders bertrand direct respecting turning sunk fill detestable acknowledge ambitious crafty merlin suit appearance receiving affairs carts starved counsel murderer reply beheld atrocious chose losing appointment elected emir fixed faith truly spared invented double whence provisions reasons entrusted weakness discontent commission terrors alive utterly insolent sovereigns gaining serve roused fifteenth grass magna pledged relieve tournament slaughter career suspicions drowned vile mouth virtue expenses confided charges violence changed smith chain indignant violation commanding bestowed finally confirm preference provided londoners continued merit concluded somebody preaching worcester nearer simon disputes decide destruction dinner empty banners mercy harry risings nobly pale horrors acclamations saddle music paying llewellyn youngest burst quarters meantime separated ordering preparations roger game unpopular unwilling maiden baliol arrangements amount showing sceptre west remainder grandson arise pledge including spoil necessity pair roasted travelled piers queens understand positively directly unlike henceforth stopped composed lies thrust plague divers resorted relation honours speak mortimer venerable hereford gallows commonly spectacle inside centre perfectly lover extremely favouring keys thanked dine saturday owing bowmen shouted shout discharge beseeching later hemmed conducted rejoicing till acts benefit engaging crowns behaved tyler kiss perfect mass papers lambeth rioters entire expecting nature bent mostly chained appears occasion requiring treasonable counties conveyed supposing trumpets amid descended deposed surprise paris border owen student designs health spirits honourably lollards falsely information prisons confessions finish mention grand millions fewer proclaim disease advice archers confusion stake herald opened alarmed clarence impression circumstance proceed space declined match considerable unfortunately twentieth wiser grave inspired hath previously examine doctors grace defence scene wars fortnight southwark intended summon reformation downs civil asking gracious clifford seat raged placing nevil woodville younger sincere maker stay rejected deaths speeches obnoxious uneasy arrested formerly attend inform express murders expressed proclamations richmond friars worthless correspondence control betray sufficient examined discontented executions christopher hans faces dozen blown wolsey velvet endeavour opening denying oldest neck poverty block articles notice limbs lawyers sixteenth accuse murray edinburgh protestants puritan publishing jesuits babington secretary dean pensioner coach revived catesby duties powder coals everard digby fined praise gentry laud strafford covenanters whipped regiment holland royalist voted whitehall martyr jury shameless titus algernon russell argyle petre

look neighbouring chiefly born earth sailing dashed blew produced celebrated rough south taught probable spain hidden thick swords fastened constantly standard kent break remarkable beneath stretched beyond seems early ignorant torture suspected particular christmas stayed druids wonder liked condition birth conquered island conquer eighty vessels calais thence expected easy tide accept proposals whenever quarrelling grant remaining eighteen towns fate remember rushed betrayed base triumph restored grown victorious norfolk suffolk relations possessions slew seventy hair vengeance devoted wives heaps yielded german plunder scots succession rome abandoned conquering departed wall purpose keeping cursed yield roads plundered wanting quarrelled prayers defend fierce unable opposition isle opinion cunning influence favourable wine events songs feast sang stories gradually falling monk christians occupied temple risen openly finished hastily spread itself belonging drank crying shelter consequence sought beaten following change steadily arrows impossible ethelred wound alfred twice generally applied breaking fatal watch hoped punish landed camp piece firm attempt disguised danish played desired shouts killing settle remembrance honourable loyal worked honest doors sail talk write wrong careful punished jewels portion hours burn wood pain borne troubles regarded chosen trying united customs greedy noisy walls precious turn clear beauty stop wherever otherwise aside safety possessed pray least duty rolled example governed wise banished stabbed wounded lives presence edmund walked play granted lands support living solitary dress variety admit related inclined recovered induced coronation dragged hall marrying feel quickly lovely sold restore collected boat pulled convent pretending wear hardly exceedingly truth confessed attendants galloped miss please speed dropped released sixth else infamous artful question voice heavily plan inhabitants ferocious pride sworn massacre bearing threatened shining prayed trusted landing token causing leaving ruin becoming aided occasioned defended traitor admitted suffering tired cast knocked courage protect faithfully spite forget month govern promises canute willing road dover severe hunting successful assisted thou sense offer vain wonderful forth slowly dominions nobleman decided begun knowledge proceeded march tortured tied torn doubtful friendly consented taxed brutal retire interest gentle attached merely increased helped train lodged nineteen does appear surrendered justice fall mean dislike fortune confined gloomy peasant clothes accepted haughty treasure expedition loving essex crimes deprived subdued appointing sudden possibly assembly swear oath news ambassadors wealth ring waiting bridge marked captain messengers banner encamped hurried answered attack knight horsemen foremost main thousands arrow seize conqueror splendid waste destroyed submitted anybody loud instantly estates castles nation foot invaded warned fires former winter village difficult disposed entered refusing prevented putting messenger cruelty maintain satisfied detested proved hatred tree forest dispute advised rage evil weeks sound follow tomb denied directed victory amiable troublesome scholar obtained conspiracy northumberland windsor appoint sides minister feeling opportunity raising embarked beside jerusalem desire thirteen green flying fearful doomed declaration indeed removed disgraced imprisoned window sovereign deserted invade readily promise pardon deliver past seem pity leading promising trust emperor solemnly served vessel accompanied highest danced countess yard started evidence advantage ruined bravely alliance pressed miseries arranged truce rightful bitter moderate division nobility cruelties narrow share horseback eleven terms baby kinds humble merchant happy ambassador procession silver chancellor equally completely talked excommunicated obey enormous office employed louis majesty natural case need gate sanctuary saved stone awful spoke stupid accordingly continually sorts separate concealed complained superior judge odious homage treat straight complete admired siege active rebelled unless therefore kissed sorrow tears offering hanging ended seventh rebellion jews bringing fellow door blazing lighted regent distinguished horrible business arthur disappointed liberty conduct difficulty plotting dignity behalf spirited effect post officer oppose foolish able matters surprised slept punishment violently further creature pursued charter rights liberties oxford pembroke months lawful committee point raging felt stout posted sheriff watched pardoned sentence nobody earls writing sorry leicester addressed crossed englishmen ears memory similar cousin legs treachery pretence kneeled subject allegiance unlucky quarter commissioners national determination wallace waited urged pole thoroughly dissolved stained jack lancaster design sending speaker tremendous speedily acted sunday eighth memorable ministers impeached proceedings dukes paper cloth treason hired orleans chamber praying league busy agreeable remain learned friar slow ridiculous executioner handed member roses dowager marquis lest expressly warbeck presented francis plots doctor opinions boleyn hampton hopes romish popish leaders warrant private gardiner sermons gunpowder bothwell dull spaniards raleigh newgate george hampden royalists blake orange monmouth jeffreys university

history england charles with others sons chapter ancient romans will hand lying they scotland form greater part these little which small upon mere broken dare course great length power long while before were same round just ships brave from parts against their over brought land savage knew nothing rest world supposed that famous carrying came found both very this hour most close have when work down deep hear noise above about would without much where gave some other things poor going almost only dressed opposite france saying people been those white across fine called bring french come settled themselves coast although britons became grew into bold country away foreign whole covered there houses think town made placed lived used often could make kind more heavy blow light short back after thrown them being divided many thirty forty each commanded fighting usually always fought horses though rather well scarcely said every word stand still went fight succeeded ever best sort quite high open three standing drew full even through enemies cruel within deal like soon strange terrible religion times kept secret pretended carried what told golden certain human burning immense number priests time together dark young sometimes twenty built near such raised common certainly making should knowing than sight then perhaps believed executed paid persuaded better good pleasant carry five years under known whom help twelve thousand between because reason take having soldiers driven drawn once beat glad next eight hundred british whose name general roman heard besides battle belonged probably saint worst jealous proposed peace again find anything sure never nearly passed sent mighty afterwards arrived another among north your drove himself hearing strong armour wife daughter taken brothers delivered hands false noble streets family whether heart died returned dear english since rose sword burnt widow king property order might laid forced advanced give attacked field strongly first charge fair cried unhappy queen took spirit left fell fifteen seven killed prevent prisoners numbers vast army force river began either appointed during days fast wanted hope turned declared cause done miles finding want means christian must love wicked believe none worse greatly thus money discovered heads places seen written wild saxons gone wish reduced unfortunate life enough something ought angry letter hard bear resolved keep prince named treaty saxon fond giving join beautiful filled meant arms loved girl happened person really several persons tell fresh bodies various kingdom body established arose invited retired wales remained call care moment courtiers subjects ground cathedral place church westminster london death woman child allowed held council consider chief priest speech return armed mounted rode fifty claimed right throne head married handsome husband running title home wretched safe crown thought prisoner refuge court troubled burned cared four seized bound shot struck received nobles excellent sitting read book until bright mother princes year nine danes swore solemn holy buried coming fourth dispersed obliged know alone thinking mind ready cannot represented loss father single story seemed half joined midst prepared important everything different true followers meet monarch given lost marched defeated besieged instead become enemy deserved faithful children large encouraged live thing hung leave palace caused formed violent bore reigned remembered present reign uncle gained gold iron proud women character greatest blood generous behind kings edward send laws fallen broke slain quiet lords ladies brother presently showed tried public company weak armies real dunstan night shown also likely favour late trouble necessary looked archbishop canterbury quietly friend monks lady hated last charged fled abbey royal irish gloucester dreadful crowned marriage second despatched favourite castle promised herself murdered welsh save manner fear ride riding horse feet frightened face account murder dead sign meeting side immediately words party pretty easily sixteen marry powerful sister richard duke city doubt fleet sailed soldier free fire ship black rich officers favourites miserable threw refused assembled crowd stood abroad already proclaimed lasted suddenly shall kill afraid innocent normandy claim command rising moved towards harold wished headed earl opposed agreed quarrel getting safely ordered morning eyes citizens honour favoured treated popular worthy normans norman state custom possession demanded intelligence count surrounded orders execution summoned answer eldest utmost troops escaped gallant declaring bishop except committed third bloody wrote doing lord william sooner informed anxious offered required heaven calling barons pope forces replied around beginning along forward knights grey clergy scottish bishops asked guard neither desperate suppose governor outside danger dismal tower robert government water shut object engaged setting dying pounds servants house here sixty henry prison attended sick hold seeing suffered bought considered dangerous looking scotch less plot conspirators possible sailors declare wore cross raise merry walter longer supported determined princess gain guards receive show escape sentenced friends fifth servant stephen heir appeared noblemen whatever service matter according saracen thomas gentlemen publicly becket religious gentleman holding guilty room signed accused trial secretly letters york telling clock voices pass master taking offence consent plain rise philip issued idea john hanged hubert usual langton however maid protector authority mayor parliament particularly bill everybody followed actually dutch bruce judges principal gaveston warwick ireland anne commons burgundy dauphin catherine joan cardinal duchess somerset beheaded elizabeth members buckingham jane james partly perkin spanish cranmer mary reformed unreformed scaffold cromwell protestant catholic admiral petition catholics sowship colonel oliver parliamentary

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