Word Cloud for "American Notes" by Charles Dickens.

Word Cloud for "American Notes"

This book was authored by Charles Dickens. (1812 - 1870)

Area, genre or subject: Dickens, Charles, 1812-1870 -- Travel -- United States.

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The Bag of Words In "American Notes" (Main Words):

opinions tendencies examine discern evidences direction consider faith abstain extending move represent charles mistaken serious intellect flat thin concerning possibility snug thoroughly connection practice relish countenance smart sanguine prepared artist groups stuck pale forehead agony size actually communication shadow interval obviously hearty capital inch disagreeable twining conclusion shoot satisfaction somebody solemn nook trap secret bless happiness scotch pointed merry blood meat pile stars longer dock medical liberal construction calculated ample minded prevent efforts delivered elsewhere railway employment worked inquiring lord thirteen inquire unexpectedly smoking hurrying steamer beset comfortably confusion coolly image bags depths speaking flung breath tide dined fewer universal reckless notwithstanding unusual favourite nearest assisted heels freight afraid unaccustomed follows speck gleaming burst death figures startled mine unconscious summit tolerably unspeakable failing gained instant fearful ocean loud breaking expiration saving fact allowed intelligence handed commonest everyday trying flying recognised separate total finding imagined gratification gratitude repose imagination strikes monster angry dream midnight previously clung catch shaved waste viewed crazy sails established courtesy husband guns roast changing dish remark coats store gravity tied collar fourteen pounds bottle distinctly meaning secretly commanded moon outer pilot uncomfortable stoppage emerged clustered throwing signal amusing notorious laughed terms compass surrounded safe assurance dressing gliding stretched curiosity impression preserved council military shook parallel quality including choice freely backs blew staring answering industrious informed excitement imitation utmost improvement odious offensive discharged consequence note moderate religion accomplished foul disgrace bricks blinds happens story suburbs dropped seeming churches believed strangers charming commodious representatives refinement buried religious study college source tastes prejudice contemplation supported principle tendency immeasurably later shelter stern correct merciful pains cost current charged unable winter scraps glanced radiant sail wisdom gathered suffering expected apart education listened shade readily speed loss occurred marble immortal capacity beautifully graceful ruin hearted touching feeble degree bodily tomb imitate communicating effects reduced attempt commenced crooked detached printed similar showed perception laying repeated motive spell knowing perceived eagerly patient result quickly weeks step metal alphabet ends select apparatus begun manual deaf gives spells contact care laugh recently convey examined feared kissed anxiety pull inclined advantage wait exact wants occupies finger slip twice intercourse entertaining chest enjoyed entered examination strictly waving heartily interested singular tired throughout conveying pauper patients commission whereof evidence dignity cotton gold dare advancing family reside exchanged afforded dealing creation ride knives tender devoted vicious speaks chambers prints books corresponding theme design youthful humanity offended pick brief everywhere persuade punishment newspaper admirable sentenced southern appointed rows remaining equally galleries worth sights cases lounging exhibited merits magistrate respectable frequent assert colour prevails pulpit resort eternal considered safely pursued inquiry school chapel ornamented commonly characteristic address remarkably spoke blessed lean touched hall principal comparison nights describe partly concluded pronounced somewhere avoid glittering calls desperate frail slumbering stops factories drove manufacturing youth draw stamp structure machinery mills baby allow founded authority phrase extreme ordered reasonably solemnly owners characters convenient original tight pursuits ignorance occasionally scores strife corners abundance hospitable specimens roofs roads whither waited larger repaired local citizen anywhere proud starting fired assured composed false murdered murder entertain lovely planted branches quaint sullen hurry refreshing herd stately backed glazed approach model fortune withered vessels brother stout poorer mouths bridges talking idle offence detained dreadful hang marks terrible frightful curtain parted mingling unwholesome flight stabbed birds patched lieu queen pictures dusty neck begins double toes filthy enterprise climb elegant forgotten faded collection sing unfinished hotels singularly throw george sombre statue hair philadelphia post portrait splendid deceased pending cruel torture tokens imprisonment strip hears sturdy music visitors entertained shortly appearing beat thinks pointing matters period amazed mentioned surely host arising sooner travellers quarters ball noon wound drivers idly leading monument subjects dust pursuit battle rule generous honourable quantity ceremony sold kentucky messenger force unbroken impulse forests wharf pace inches grey mail desert cultivation father treat owner contented property hinting conveyance copper resolved whip shoes fixing friendly weapons pittsburg alleghany perform volumes numbers stopping cleared shines decided thirty glowing crouching settlements hundreds mountain families varying emigrants recent pleasantly qualities conduct louisville louis wanted swept slept alive faced rank prairie halted print canvas lebanon barren niagara sale aged canadian recruit barrels quebec shakers vinyard press major pistol arpin

opportunities influences existence otherwise favour visitor landed catholic church grateful highest importance forget fourth third engaged rendered spread enormous forced utterly highly plan enjoyment real presently bring eastern filled fixed glasses arrangements friend however smile answer lived furniture else cast happy seated showing washing hole render roll smaller sleeping settled discovered circumstance adjoining individual besides purpose useful recollection companion fond fragments grown view riding visible exquisite mighty sharp sound spring slight foreign justice curious eager pause spirits drew intended arrival train ourselves single passenger instantly falls popular clearly huge giving rich promise packet late horrible bent locked forcing luggage wondering mention hopes ought letter shake sparkling waiting worse gradually giant wheels calm returned answered tone seats attended yellow eleven experience striking worn peculiar gloom mass holds rushing score tiny objects alone wandering remembered aspect acquainted enter gentle shut lofty dismal articles couple entirely begin comprehend creature disposed imagine fifteen driving exactly bursting sympathy hurried domestic loose casks raised listening quarter wish talk familiar event dressed boots holding suit figure wherever apparently troubled expecting noise violent fierce voice laughing attached naturally approached constant recognise article dress performed lead prospect around impressed blow hung exposed connected married specimen girl newly frequently dogs information rate tell serve bell plates perhaps rare cheerfully meal drink according fancy conversation turns lost cabins played required divided bank sides greatest line silence sudden ears watch beginning determined send ashore teeth colours steep paved thrust meet firm opportunity happened legislative save cross mild season exchange rolled soil keen supposing news ships passages previous reader establishments alike politeness humour impressions absence becoming hideous glancing lodgings addition impress proceedings attention intellectual golden compared charity regard history quick evil office fancies bred asylum admitted dollars week mental fitted lines mile healthy marked custom inseparable requires questions pleased consideration erected sang unquestionably delicate desk writing teacher born severe dangerous health displayed smell taste darkness occupied formed knowledge ways language teach express mode former therefore exercise relation instead lighted action square wonder names closed evidently lonely fingers rapid motions wonderful meeting feelings difficulty interesting wear stranger slightest yielded gladly accompanied degrees leads moving carefully break restless simple reading published speak leaves saying write innocent equal seat arms putting motion steps play wished fellow amused caused shine master removed learn rose south adapted admit glance confidence raising trade carriages clothes decent branch worthy peace seek older occupation greatly girls month criminal laws belonging question true rising shown keeping visited observation unless fully probable citizens reasonable mean witness legal notice courts grim miserable superior cities rational path male female unknown rude drawn heaven weary duty instance points gets difference lowell works main carriage chance track hidden lake cool bridge pigs burning wood thriving dirty walls careful term thinking warm bread particularly wholesome legislature bought fail drawing population watching roof monday setting shone probably memory banks situated goods famous british paper jail spot asked travelled yard forest crossing creatures poured coaches straw republican liberty bottom criminals grave scattered thick thrown hats fifty coarse scenes landlord sets wherein changed parties generally summer tables lately grew memorable height whence named cries features independent instances monstrous growing requested tobacco fell chair whereon bloody indians heights western canal proceed horse tremendous driver slave slavery rode james traveller north measure coachman mist temperance cause beauty start indian west crocus soldiers montreal reward

american general first nearly eight years since this book present such quite readers have themselves whether which they there been anything public that country during these past home those really find will judge going reason what never than united ever foot with when from nothing truth neither make earth would still round though whole said many friends feel interest merely very always easy could hope believe work human america chapter away shall morning opened door head board twelve hundred bound carrying room sufficiently clear even small like most held daily least four months chamber spirit strong upon little sense hold more some corner sight into reference hanging house city pleasant cheerful better were mind bear down kind without expression come their faces manner them through pretty before coming people might whom already made same great almost ladies state passed deck long narrow windows having upper melancholy three while either dreary over each full rolling heavy time seen observed turned behind below himself after looking must knew often taken usually given form just necessary ordinary then fall short beneath persons soon between thousand miles anxious other passing remained natural report being until vessel less minutes common observe beautiful kept open weather large glass perfectly process ship rather spacious above except point perfect fire cabin course exceedingly difficult thought another immense sitting times fallen leaning hands party clean follow every piece something mere place whose account passage last nobody everybody bright face fair fine half shape case plainly show young side near close hand children left seemed about light window went again high everything slowly boat stood fast taking getting fresh heads others busy midst vast cold white decks name gone broad among order good dinner especially hotel plain likely opinion matter comes much thing know certain supposed prisoner next things member five growth rain hour where should number returning town within possible space crowd found passengers together lying lazy gentleman look impossible poor president standing says hard need looks dozen wrong turn opening kinds places wild extraordinary seems both blue honest does started hours damp captain appears officers take moment received noble wind deep suppose anybody moral love means well playing immediately green water clock turning seven became gave black scarcely against dark forth ready power proper change usual suddenly feet particular presence strange silent itself read sleep lively running broken variety takes done goes sometimes eyes whenever body under picture making heard called remarkable various rooms although think doubt desire sort wife condition thoughts coat walking felt walked looked pair myself came possibly wide smallest tried call influence only conducted amount second sent idea iron doctor obliged days night certainly seem back placed help circumstances favourable doors lady struck comfortable stand across once tall english personal carried wore further remember took none provided table evening rough remain ground dead several engine stairs latter charge crowded towards early expressed seeing because here lights officer world business nine shining land wooden distant boys words along reached glad appeared ugly forms england presented outside building government members deal built streets appearance afterwards slow hardly employed lives class person private right excellent boston considerable states somewhat french strongly pleasure company delight distinguished respect bold houses painted letters stone street scene front covered makes cannot shops extremely buildings handsome quiet gentlemen honour society whatever beyond institution parts lies institutions life feature character display part portion relief best length blind twenty also stock year known establishment working stands free different sure want child hear beside women appear arranged written subject walk began learned wretched system easily brought give signs sign herself thus labour feeling used changes word object following rest accustomed greater laura knows mother visit unfortunate woman understand leave painful nature arrived told social carry doing indeed possession moved lower enough distance your gloomy worst gallery pass sits effect coloured floor heart prison prisoners comfort centre opposite cell court washington national service bearing occasion dull laid stopped constantly seldom middle breakfast bare leaving negro travel railroad directly road horses station river towns village living travelling york governor journey steamboat floating forward wall crossed shot keep sufficient solitary stop brown become legs till field stay live freedom coach return slaves steamboats trees cincinnati shaker scar

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