Word Cloud for "The Chinese Boy and Girl" by Isaac Taylor Headland.

Word Cloud for "The Chinese Boy and Girl"

This book was authored by Isaac Taylor Headland. (1859 - 1942)

Area, genre or subject: Children -- China.

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Court Life in China  

The Bag of Words In "The Chinese Boy and Girl" (Main Words):

peking homes east open means least becomes rich companion think suppose nurses shall taught bamboo sitting house west noticed repeating rolled wrote public prevent miss break reason simple contains moral readily giving familiar lots secure latter however driver running expression waiting here promised entire best months sent proved collected parts minds difficulty getting everything thought third doubt language added hear sweet sometimes king host indicate developed skin certain refused rather coat alone papa eats instinct constant shaved illustrate keep done illustrated heard equally teeth further herself husband filial comes eight knee forehead forth taking neither body telling wind color japanese explained nose amount chief condition bread else perhaps develops ground emperor skill older amusing relatives friends expected dinner presents clothing answer hope piety lived since talking jade quite hung trousers unlike addition wings elder younger explain especially besides string streets plays smaller employments forward drive seeing illustrations unless single night fish colored flesh discover students afternoon thinking appear ready want solemn wound question formed fast failed selected sized bound whirled pitching succeeds wins square placing remained squatted nearly change removed lost point moon properly changed surprise move bringing caused finger putting ball engaged illustration stands wang bent keeping raised moved direction struck upper hard kick shoes secured company revolving referred gathering hole crossing servant basin opportunity step dove rested stones fifth seventh world studied science animals need carts boxes attention handle dressed package leading wire lion shape blow length pictures knives bright tossing blue ancient interest poets river wooden along watching balanced married showman punch occasion performance bear hind pole juggler rapidly across crock milky star destined

goose study wall stories amusement kindergarten matter shows entertainment human fingers steal repeat except fact popular north knew hundred cash affection finished dozen heart conversation born returned city received year able original compelled second books easily full food love songs parent become till tells white american happened nothing lines song monkey leave grow wear wife cannot develop high buddhist disposition present covered opposite doing black cart brick impossible blind cause indeed willing legs represents mouth grandmother somewhat looking centre above usually ring several general business europe days names school afterwards thousand pair daughter fell village takes instead order allowed kinds group cloth themselves held ever work sides stuck object simply striking drew sticks pulled dolls paper picked meat ends pitched piece inch again evening followed likes whistle sheep drum music attached hsin wood middle riding bottom constructed blocks return light wine picture boat poet mountain maiden performed manager tricks iron frame plate trident herd land

chinese girl mother rhymes child life made until down people that number character give good what must always when nurse games into home little have their well country better these different with also much common children other large collection toys many those from nursery this book show same both away look upon like thus more will been played boys girls play block told right there which following baby together parents being represented than during while among fifteen said repeated very called himself asked rhyme jack young went carried would some even such make less found over china great does your learned having tell them five about three every could before through came soon gave woman back feet almost side know come father brought once going continued most known after around exactly form without others began were similar still part then each never they first whole times where various making take hands either find used represent though turn things women hold another four twenty anything something only whose should case seen looked trick whom already given mouse stick against left kind catching head friend goes name face might caught because discovered took threw hand hair just time under last court behind front taken place tried yellow call often eyes small family years bring became whether near beautiful half difficult queue strike horse playing larger seemed game street possible between interesting walked gathered turned line stood inches position long placed standing turning next hawk foot finally balls kept arms water flowers lady clay fastened spinning bowl tossed story passed whirling heavenly

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