Word Cloud for "Kansas Women in Literature" by Nettie Garmer Barker.

Word Cloud for "Kansas Women in Literature"

This book was authored by Nettie Garmer Barker.
Area, genre or subject: Kansas -- Biography.

The Bag of Words In "Kansas Women in Literature" (Main Words):

husband these place find romance there life later graduate world well magazine contributes time things among song were mother before sweet subject number president member interest hill mccarter judge superintendent their taught public both magazines over ready jessie five second four novel writing being john lived wall used several while white wood newspaper early after very history sorrowful became teacher former editor freeman elizabeth chase anna isabel formerly clever

born good last living daughter family into children like down days prose wife late literary will great also woman jarrell three poems

kansas women beautiful than this state every miss topeka high most heart university never school written other some work that came which only author little book rose years where volume love have from club mary short stories when wrote been much margaret writer story with verse many books best first published writes

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