Word Cloud for "Poems by Adam Lindsay Gordon" by Adam Lindsay Gordon.

Word Cloud for "Poems by Adam Lindsay Gordon"

This book was authored by Adam Lindsay Gordon. (1833 - 1870)

Area, genre or subject: Australia -- Poetry.

The Bag of Words In "Poems by Adam Lindsay Gordon" (Main Words):

adam lindsay gordon rider drift knew dumb hearted fire english dying loved brave turned world read runs takes forest winds cling flowers human hear beyond mere times poetic field forth other australia rode spread found beauty among cool tree written legend least country sunset poet perchance sullen falling lightly savage rock animal grey form length silent barren midst riding strange beneath corpse hearts fierce southern cross credat judaeus dreams clay fields surf thoughts proud hound traces cheeks glass dear wide golden wise seek doom done strife bitter stout ship shades gather gathers torn neck half drink felt rushing statue feeble bold dews wrath lips fallen ning leaden battle fill steed streak guilt fast sleep blade break leave evening rack dark faint scent shade rise grass limbs emerald fresh brown game speed rank chestnut draws word comrade stroke stricken give bound shock blank earthly hath kindly tale loose hold side under blame blows fell care worth chance loins pace cloud grow wiser dull sports dies stern music horns slow joys bear short slain child vision ends inch wave ears eager glance misty wish toil uplands parts fingers restless away steps haunches help second whom steeds being sands bare daughter clown lying maiden mabel path wail comfort thought buried cheek stephen brian gifts quite thine base pray shrive dreamt grief stone bring turf race swear pony stale fence drew colonel

born australian smoke first seem yonder friend told laid high friends morning gave follow call nothing love full made flood home something sweet note shadows trees sand dare three features scarce swift death matters only things save mine mist part scarcely feels keep tall spite calm meet fate straight tears none living broken breath hugh front pride laugh hands twixt most ancient rose others turn worse less rush future labour dost presence knight each same share murmurs blue growing scarlet just says

poems hard that whose with lies never more will strong spirit upon soul great these their know what place cannot while over wind life which from bright this they through think there wild seems ever years song where left name past then take stand last vain have those such work here much them should might time when were strength like many went head into light best every dead near very clear twas merry white saddle behind still across close well find down some feel land must look could black leaves night green before been between long even alone cold better than gone rippling water sunlight roll your once thou tell days heard weary seen blood voice heart hand thus neath round rest goes till soon goal shall against stood ready gallop though thee steel fytte again come remember right little hope face words false horse would does since fall earth neither good fair lights make comes stands hast eyes skies western lady naught back came vita

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