Word Cloud for "The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam" by Omar Khayyám.

Word Cloud for "The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam"

This book was authored by Omar Khayyám. (1048 - 1122)

Area, genre or subject: Persian poetry -- Translations into English.

The Bag of Words In "The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam" (Main Words):

rubaiyat khayyam poet naishapur half tells vizier future wise every doctor ever used hasan will doubt went evil live gold thus says told sometimes king often wind roses words mystical quite things vain worldly likely copy whether supposed quatrain thing false nothing flung bitter sensual line strange drink ground second edition does cannot poems till cries nicolas note wash lost images surely question morning night stood white vine nightingale yellow repentance thousand summer jamshyd kaikobad come heed divides paradise look blows snow hour alike lovely vintage ourselves darkness prophets harvest nilly hither hurried whither knot human earthen potter angel metal true didst moon sweet rising behind find shapes

story whom left calcutta years myself both good oriental persian name hope year buried world well common indeed down here something hafiz sufi know gone drank grape others still them footnote makes tell water spring take along vessel

omar into within first life about that other very their time this from which would with might under when came found were rose they each while said without what then shall make those sultan according after many long among through where have also your great upon some perhaps before himself been only more over think though whose little than most could soul must never there thou such better made another back like much wine same clay being morrow hand last should bowl tavern fill once garden earth round dust sans door thee

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