Word Cloud for "Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea" by Jules Verne.

Word Cloud for "Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea"

This book was authored by Jules Verne. (1828 - 1905)

Area, genre or subject: Sea stories.

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The Bag of Words In "Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea" (Main Words):

puzzling mention agitated europe states interested occasionally facts apparition surprising observations divers estimate equally dimensions existed exist entire supernatural steamer navigation moving columns projected hissing july nautical farther portion measured largest attain papers forth scientific direct efforts accident hurried violently route submerged undergoing keel forgotten weeks victim company breeze fifth hold extent mark instrument producing plate torrent unlucky rested loss supposed absence justly continents relieved period events history attached york laden departure read finger wound theory shoal machine change colossal motive possess special branch reality extract organisation reason seek disposed obtain expression principal diameter proposed grand precisely medium commercial chiefly threatened preparations expedition pursue spoken talked received join pleasure reading true lead yard surprises quick service giving science country animals pretty poop recital lose believed chances judge possessed balls throw escape attracted singular family taste related amidst conversation giant habit whaler tails repeat self resist inch atmospheric becoming bony express train mine confidence spoke permission fate doubled native devoured emotion troubled simple accomplished scanned beast nervous dreadful putting japanese turns fail faithful abandon forward starboard standing perched offered none emerged intense agent traced burning died successive enveloped diving source slid attack struggle profound distinctly breath mortal glimmer tail concluded torrents trembling latter lasted evident swam masts hardly noon showing preceding tired resolved rare reigned dazzled breaking fearful care clothes mouth swim wheel leaden cleverly safety exhausted declare seem breathing abandoned refuge salt substance metallic huge seize happily sails takes lines total fancied vainly mechanical pushed drew distinguish window invisible hermetically range sheets movement seeming incomprehensible england permit arranged civilised suit commanded eaten beds brain completely somewhat awoke influence dinner steward betrayed result weigh unintentionally pursued desire resumed condition things future preparing address observe books inestimable shed contents rich food game cook delicious covers regained admiration thank profit opposite gathered bright admired seeking formerly organ observation productions containing zoophytes series collection spots bristling green blue molluscs thinking interrupted contrivances highest internal sodium rubber fastened streams employed partition experience levers manoeuvre hundreds cubic owing rising planes steersman impression desert geological tops degrees currents manometer platform perpendicular carrying agreeable oblong transparent transparency bosom admire distinguished fins named expected hoping hidden reserved hoped eastern tints admiring morrow prevent consulted silver mute seaweed sufficient rouquayrol breathe philip sent cases constructed difference protected backs impossible entrance penetrated guide touch sandy ground inexhaustible sheltered space finest clothed thin flora claws declivity reached penetrate circle inhabitant marvellous wall sand reach uttering lowered imagine soundings february graceful december flesh spectacle vanikoro frequented begin debris perouse verdant shade louis traces europeans tides touching cross perished sank makes torres happy content crossing papuan moderate noticing masses drunk places arches variety prepare provisions limits trade catch fled stone important stones knees complete oyster papuans ventured pinnace hatches cries appear entering gather stony throat dagger oysters heart picturesque extinguished circular lake oppressed towns picture nile subterranean base gold crater mines

remarkable mysterious doubtless excited public particularly common officers movements shape creature rapidity size mile mind presence prepared exact position shot unless aquatic mixed similar extraordinary points separated sailing atlantic lying united smaller sixty represented kinds ship ancient danger finding herself wind rate superior gone passengers bringing happened deck examined bearings others thanks something sharp penetrating rushed hastened brave proved force discovered continue basin visited regular form plates perfectly done ships professor museum government france american european nearer forming extreme really invited arrival possible state interest escaped secret circumstances honour phenomenon decided passes beings twelve varieties people strata inaccessible living necessarily unicorn required pierce narwhal buried bodies pierced quarter until further cause liberty best terrestrial raise destined around provided fishing grew letter friends offer allow caught particular accompanied quiet whatever however solid saying forty third beginning hands capable sinking matter yourself instant conducted attained considerable satisfied opening shell sailed meet doubt opinion watching daily heat used behind share general carefully nine wanted whale person opportunity language belonged regions companion live tropic seated pressed cetacean broad killed teeth produce effect belonging atmosphere weight bear square voyage wonderful knowing served instead pass rock extremity beating money soft calm favourable january central remain violent northern running risk mounted glasses case turn clouds reckoned getting classed cage fancy silence voice stop simply darkness perceived shining centre brilliancy cried brightness moved rapidly fear phosphorescent gain generally wait scene added approach loud laid lieutenant contented port estimated height class short seized advanced rounded rough eleven middle sound following increased motionless hard broke fall glimpse pronounced bearing situation arms indeed sought evening poor moon suspended unfortunate chest sudden forms free among blow vague mystery surrounded examine panel closed knows walls contained table cold clearly fine admirable objects dressed single indicated elegant absolutely dress although slept sleep cell oxygen quantity renew consequently rise current pure seems told sighted suppose plunged sign gesture regret therefore ignorant show sink call beyond pale account word bound study worth lighted dozen breakfast nets draw hunt furnish globe pieces brown greatest treasures forced ornamented hung modern possession together occupied polypi remarked become value calcareous delicate shells spread pearls reflected sold interesting instruments hanging direction gives temperature usual agree pumps reservoir extended hole want joined sides holding ordinary worked sorry earth mountains south noticed slightly directed lantern touched descended tropical trees petrified wonders accept solar action coloured forests piece spanish walk metal conditions ruhmkorff passing ended heads close walked soil shone truly walking plain succeeded quitted region excursion fishes probably group flight bird coming blood sharks creatures charming reefs coasts shores astrolabe urville rocks aground anchor yellow bank canal foot english across colour genus changed incessantly pearl shark shadow isthmus suez arabian volcanic mediterranean dugong vigo mountain

twenty thousand leagues under part chapter year which even interior were both several some time past vessels been enormous long more rapid than this entered various most object power peculiar life with seemed those taking into mean made length hundred down three might that being learned human understand produced world idea steam mass five miles east coast captain thought first unknown when noise fifty feet neither less till threw from water observed same pacific west could itself place another different distance seven fifteen days between monster each other these they themselves though over parts round have never every great there appeared gigantic white terrible immense whose times then question seas during came months brought before longer real became small ocean night four going strength hull would broken shock about clock nothing strong surface taken continued without struck bottom found grave perhaps like many vessel speed minutes whilst slight felt little rather much went immediately stopped existence large yards such half obliged cape after caused scarcely believe below iron having inches last once moment upon number their communication should formidable took just returned natural french arrived towards precious fixed myself floating given only submarine against certainly work fell admit boat keep very watched powerful point give here necessary marine animal depths entirely what beneath either know them nature still formed sort upper level must amongst already often will armed according certain always drawn through shall thus above ever within words wished well high full frigate abraham soon opened commander heard knew passage making tell course line seen north hours lincoln left farragut cabin your again seeing back enough worthy bring return road called conseil asked followed years make whether good thirty master speak sometimes said follow easily replied take think cannot where board sailors looking held hand ready pressure nearly order cast hour land vast waters better harpoon sight leave eyes apparatus known thrown thick narrow means equal dangerous gave himself canadian magnificent crossed straits eight thing looked moments ought able furnished because greater fresh does body depth carry perfect millions marked showed whom help double straight lost name next screw least leaning raised black kept disappeared beautiful deep clear passed crew suddenly placed remained answer tried spot face near horizon rays light chance curious midst look whole pointed fathoms luminous shut right approached electric away leaving dark brilliant side turned astonished evidently waves morning come along second began rose beat while waited allowed quite find answered species filled quickly turning stretched head almost fish strange kind works carried door surprised friend steps spite recognised stood dead understood inclined companions room heavy alone since visit glass nemo accustomed excellent also wish lower covered nautilus specimens panels copper island islands numerous indian natives gulf electricity open situated saloon exactly composed reservoirs fire liquid birds forest coral dumont floated

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