Word Cloud for "Common Sense" by Thomas Paine.

Word Cloud for "Common Sense"

This book was authored by Thomas Paine. (1737 - 1809)

Area, genre or subject: United States -- Politics and government -- 1775-1783.

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The Bag of Words In "Common Sense" (Main Words):

remarks american affairs perhaps contained sufficiently defense question thought sufferers calls oppressed unless measure circumstances laying fire face party answer wholly unnecessary object influence whereas latter best expect expense preferable idea persons obliged requires rather proportion begin duty moral concerns increase distance managed return happiness prejudice voice times tyranny glorious absolute exceedingly discover difficult examine find ancient republican freedom wherefore union powers words commons check wiser worthy behalf within came accomplish greater weight enough land fate truth remain oppression often makes another race above according quiet lives honours gideon countries things passed till kind rule temptation kingdom glory samuel rejected shew difference ground tenth young fight continued done pray believe instance evil others degree folly otherwise frequently giving private better live down happened beneath larger claim william terms precedent does produce bear opportunity ignorant eight testimony sterling year feelings late posterity injuries heard protect miles open half governed itself arms setting plan single placed work farther sufficient inhabitants months hands rank spirit utmost ways considered independancy negative keep dangerous reasonable opinion president delegates peculiar representatives charter naval upwards forty ship ships commerce fifty unite danger unwisely wish independant publishing religion

design thoughts gives need themselves cause through given society leave lost case choose whatever greatest small thousand strength soon turn four five mean want call said together necessity title chosen manner become having again making mode virtue however offer seems governments human advantage likewise nation ourselves parts remains towards something character distinctions capable applied crown consequence favour pride instead plain names truly religious worth whether scripture history children divine equal monarchical almighty thou doth about hundred hold laid reign since brought still fully unworthy next free place future civil blood henry france fatal colonies method connection european enemies parent narrow friendship force line instruct think tell formed repeal millions called says putting numbers congress debt navy military independance

common government with english constitution monarchy hereditary succession present state some following them general long thing being first means right matters which might never have been into king england hath support what good people this country they every among well make part those whose will much upon their america great many principles mankind event against natural from whom nature power doctrine that time such public under reason little between only different former other even necessary when same without like kings were would property true form most least order just number then able could after though neither either than while each nothing point whole colony more laws members body interest proper because name here world subject know suffer years political over shall three already there where business house appear always cannot wise last national britain made judge peace away come ever authority very unto lord should give take your before these matter himself taken both less foreign continent continental reconciliation large ought british europe trade must hereafter

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