Word Cloud for "Oedipus Trilogy" by Sophocles.

Word Cloud for "Oedipus Trilogy"

This book was authored by Sophocles. (-495 - -406)

Area, genre or subject: Tragedies.

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Philoktetes  Oedipus King of Thebes  

The Bag of Words In "Oedipus Trilogy" (Main Words):

feet shepherd took polybus delphic fled flight thebans under bade themselves track round head latest cadmus olive mood sovereign seest ship blight wives armed hearth savior happy rule desert guards weary inquire pythian endless perform tells burden subjects harbor miscreant sits dare avenge murder trouble whoso assassin offspring goddess crave women wail prayers ares sudden lightning gold wherewith perchance lacking alien foreign sacrifice lately maintain womb twixt send oath force seems twice fetch seen terror above truth hidden returned misery shouldst flout rein bloody charge accursed vile forsooth strength fool wealth skill crown birds sign drive spoken consult fulfill free edged beyond flood endure summoned parents begat saved fortune little bare henceforth horrors foot summons upland master winged care span false fixed monstrous approach perceive kinsman story consort twain rather given thinks minded villain counsels quick assured upraised lies public doubly anger knowledge cunning news willed hair further sole held foremost raise seed drew awful guilt perished ordained insolence empty impious sacred commons weigh year constant whence ruled anon guiding fail discover pride scorn trace greet yonder recognize stands piteous silence sights breed conceived suffered lips bears dealt fond cursed incestuous draw guardian woes noble favor concerning burial famed weep troubles also rock depart reached beggar learning taken sanctuary victory today taught suffering steps show warrant sightless blessing move godless ears urge plea reft plead because issue misfortune throne younger alive worth close return banned offer lack guest hate mutual foes people welcome escape deem sound learnt young open funeral gloom enthroned sisters seven argive fire arms heavy lamentation lying edict ashes unburied bride bridal sword

published oracle another wherefore house slain palace priest hither boon common oracles sore beneath withal coming hadst others whether haply known human only better brings sorrow general tears phoebus marvel passing tend naught report wide world said seeks bound flying dear murdered unless attend dark things worthy wrong mind quit hence suppliant summon help ruin gracious daughter pain golden host mourn face breath battle night bright heed less late knows part prayer cause murderer utter gain fall sake wrath waste worse twere next matter wise sought service powers wisdom lest adjure reveal storm caught unwitting present wait work wherein wast angry speech double whither bitter borne presence wretch husband rocky foul tongue swift doom deed count same surely knowing question plain every mark speed gainst bethink seek sooth longer doomed three gave wild brief dire thrust struck seeing passed seat betwixt enough rest shed birth justice reverence vain done honor dance judge need lives woman profit country wert exit aged pity starred race feel grave unhappy straight after corpse banished glad rites tomb beside evil knew footnote place athens gone side hard maids sweet counsel safe herself argos maiden case promise sister yield bury

oedipus king from first that child born queen jocasta would slay father when time were left found indeed heard himself word before what slew thebes made their children them again grievous plague fell upon which brought home hand death altar here your hands with this meet should learn thee dread cannot such lord thou both these where more hath city full been didst find some voice heaven never thus cast wouldst sure than aught guard well great each none once myself therefore many hope have sent might save state tale days since then words even creon else soon shall enter royal hast good right give hear tell pass speak bear blood whom land they within laius told came there could thing lead guide bold twas past will make thine serve take theban very chorus zeus dost bring years near earth life grant whose though without turn doth call name come gods comes stranger worst still keep through fear friends hold curse pray laid alone leave fate down neither methinks living against best nothing long fain know seer other high eyes answer teiresias like shalt stay forth must poor back power thyself ever proved mother least mine stand sire fair ills canst prove native blind strange brother deeds needs mortal light most touch much heart share grace true away wilt while friend thought spot soul look sight claim till herdsman last those laws messenger dead having marriage live second about maid behold wrought love sons daughters think maidens just theseus antigone polyneices ismene haemon

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